How To Choose a Fleshlight

How to Choose a
Fleshlight: The Guide

The Fleshlight is an absolute classic of the sex toy world. It may even be worthy of the title of the Rampant Rabbit for men given how much it dominates the market.

Disguised as a torch (or flashlight if you’re American), you can see where the name comes from. It uses a soft and extremely lifelike material that replicates the sensations of sex – perfect for enhancing masturbation or giving your foreplay a bit of a boost.

Figuring out which Fleshlight is the best depends on what works for you and what you want out of your shiny new toy. There are loads of different Fleshlights to choose from for a 21st-century man seeking the perfect fit and sensation. Luckily for you, our guide covers everything you need to know about how to choose a Fleshlight, so let us help you find The One.

What are you looking for in a Fleshlight?

I'm New Here - Fleshlight Original

I’m new here

Before textures, designs and smart little tricks were on the list, the Original Fleshlight is where it all began. There’s a reason it was a bestseller, and it’s a formula that’s been used for most models in the line. It has an unbelievably realistic-feeling vagina design – just like the real thing!

Something a Little Tighter - Fleshlight Pink Butt

I’m looking for something a little tighter

For those who prefer a snugger fit or those who like a bit of backdoor play, Fleshlight has answered your prayers. The Fleshlight Pink Butt is a classic – tighter than the original and with a textured inner canal for maximum sensation.

Complete Discretion - Fleshlight Lady Lager

I want complete discretion

The Fleshlight’s original hook was that they were nice and discrete – they’re styled like big, hefty flashlights that wouldn’t look out of place in the cupboards of any well-equipped man. They do still say ‘FLESHLIGHT’ down the side in embossed letters, but they’ll pass the test at a glance if you’re not looking to advertise your masturbation habits to visitors.

But if you want to go a step further with discretion, we recommend the Lady Lager, or O’Doyles Stout if you’re an ass man. These are sneakily disguised as beer cans and are much easier to explain away.

Something a Bit Different - Fleshlight Vibro Touch

I want something a bit different

Unless you opt for the Original, which has no texture on the inside, there’s a whole wide world of different sensations out there. The internal designs each provide a unique sensation – it all depends on what you’re after!

If you’re not too hung up on making it like the real thing, then the Vibro Touch should be your weapon of choice. Thank god for the laws of supply and demand. The world asked for a vibrating Fleshlight, and so it was received. This bad boy is the only Fleshlight with awesome vibes built in. It’s definitely not like the real thing anymore – it’s just that little bit better. Come to a buzzing, shaking finish... help us, our knees are weak.

Live Out your Fantasy - Fleshlight Girls

I want to live out a fantasy

If you have a favourite adult film star, then chances are your dreams can become a reality. Fleshlight Girls is a range of Fleshlights where the external lips are cast from real-life adult actresses. The inside, however, is something else entirely. Each one features a different internal texture, making your experience totally unique whichever one you choose.

How to use a Fleshlight

For first timers we can understand the Fleshlight might appear a little intimidating, but don’t worry. They’re incredibly easy to use, but you don’t just pop off the lid and thrust inside. For the best experience possible we recommend taking the time to get your Fleshlight exactly the way you like it.


Remove the gel insert and either run the warm tap or fill a sink with hot water.


Wait for your perfect temperature. Do you prefer to keep things cool or love it when things heat up? Or are you body temperature all the way? Use the water to heat the gel insert to your ideal temp.


Get wet. Everything’s better with lube and the Fleshlight is no exception. We recommend a light water-based lube – you’re guaranteed a smooth ride. Avoid silicone and oil-based lubes as these can damage the Super Skin material.


Don’t forget to lube yourself. The more lube, the better.


Assume your favourite position – see below for our top ones – and thrust away!


Once you’ve had time to recover, simply remove the gel insert and clean ready for next time.

Best Fleshlight positions

On your back - A classic position that never gets old. Simulating cowgirl, lie on your back and move the Fleshlight up and down the length of your penis. If you love to tease, move the opening of the Fleshlight gently around the head of your penis before penetrating the full length. Oh boy.

Standing - Hold the Fleshlight still and thrust or move it up and down yourself. Or for hands-free fun in the shower, there’s a wonderful little accessory you can use when things get wet. See below for more.

On your front - Wedge the Fleshlight under a pillow and go at it like you would in missionary. Your hands and arms are free to support your weight.

How to look after your Fleshlight

Cleaning a Fleshlight is almost as easy as using it. You remove the gel insert, run warm water through it until it’s completely clean, and then just leave to dry fully before reinserting. Or if you’re a bit of a neat freak, you can use the Fleshlight Wash – it’s antibacterial and a must-use after every go.

It really is that easy.

Over time and as it’s used, the Fleshlight can start to lose some of its softness. To help with this, just sprinkle a bit of Fleshlight Renewing Powder over the opening to help keep it feeling like new.

Top Fleshlight tips

Twist, baby - Fleshlight

Twist, baby

If you’re new to Fleshlights, you won’t necessarily know about this incredible little feature. If you’re a regular user and still didn’t know, well, you’ll thank us later.

The bottom of the Fleshlight features a twisty bottom, which creates and controls suction while you use it. Twist it one way and then the other to intensify the sensations, or work your way up and find your suction threshold for seriously intense climaxes.

Stamina Training Unit

Not just for masturbation

While we’ll admit that the Fleshlight is a great way to mix up your masturbation routine, did you know that its benefits can extend to your partner too? Many men use the Fleshlight as a training device to help them last longer in the bedroom.

Fancy giving it a go? We’ll there’s a special Fleshlight for it. The Fleshlight Stamina is different from the rest as it acts almost like a cock ring, with intense internal textures that will help you keep going for longer. Practice makes perfect, right?

Player two - Fleshlight

Player two has entered the game

Fleshlights aren’t just for when you’re flying solo. Getting your partner involved can transform a normal Friday night into a hot night of passion. Mutual masturbation is sexy – you watch them and they watch you – and then when you can’t keep your hands off each other, hand over the reins to your partner and let them ride you to the end.

Best Fleshlight accessories

Shower Mount - Fleshlight

Shower Mount

Using a Fleshlight, awesome. Shower sex, also awesome. Bring them together and you’ve got one hell of a good time. Simply attach the Fleshlight Shower Mount to any hard surface, lock the toy in place and go wild.

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Hole Warmer

Hole Warmer

Say goodbye to heating with water, this USB-powered warming rod gives a much more realistic feel. Simply flick the switch, slide it on and you’ll be ready to go in five minutes.

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Launch Pad

Launch Pad

Transport your Fleshlight experience to a whole other world. Clip your tablet into place and get ready for a seriously naughty Skype session, or a more immersive viewing experience.

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Now you know what you want, what are you waiting for?

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