10 things to do with a Rampant Rabbit

Naughty never felt so good.

10 things to do with a Rampant Rabbit

The Rampant Rabbit is our thang. We created a life changer and the world's most popular sex toy for women. Don't mention it, babe. Throbbing, thrusting, mini, mighty, metal, rechargeable and rotating – our bunny family is extensive and ever evolving…don't worry, we'll never stop developing. Whether you have one faithful rabbit or a drawer full – there are so many ways to play. Get creative and try out our 20 tips below for new ways to use your fave vibe solo or with your lover. Multiple ways to multiple orgasms, guaranteed.


Bunnies aren't just for the bedroom. Light some candles, pour in the bubbles and strip off… bath time just got hotter and wetter. This is the perfect place to play, the heat of the water and the lock on the door enables you to unleash your inhibitions and take the time to explore your body and your rabbit's many power and pulse settings. Check your rabbit is waterproof, (see Bunny Fact below) lay back and relax. Turn on your rabbit and on the lowest vibration setting, tease over your nipples and clit. As you unwind let your imagination run wild, turn up the power and only when you can't stand it any longer, insert the shaft to hit the G spot and turn on the shaft settings. If you're sharing the tub with your partner, show them how you use your rabbit, and then rest your knees on the sides of the bath and hand over your rabbit for them to do the rampant part for you.

BUNNY FACT: When we say a toy is, we mean it. Waterproof tests are IPX rated. Most companies classify IPX4 as waterproof, which means the product has been splashed with water. At Ann Summers, our toys are fully submerged 1 meter under water for 30 mins and are classed IPX7. It's all about quality and we've got standards, honey.


Oral just got interesting. The next time your lover wants to head down under, get your rabbit in on the action. Get your partner to coat your nips and va-jay-jay with sensation lube – go for Cool Tingle or Heat Wave and turn on your rabbit to your favourite vibe setting. While they explore you with their tongue, slide the shaking shaft over your nipples – over 29% of women can orgasm through nipple stimulation alone. So imagine adding bunny vibes, sensation lube and cunnilingus to the mix…we're experts for a reason. When you're gripping the bed and feel the orgasm building, get your partner to dart their tongue inside you, while you turn your rabbit's attention to your clit. Explorative and explosive...yes, yes, YES!


There's nothing hotter than surprising your lover, dressed in killer lingerie, rabbit in hand. Hand them your toy and lay down. Be vocal and tell them what you like, how deep, fast and powerful you want it and when. When you are about to orgasm, keeping the shaft inside, tell them to put a finger inside you as well, so they can feel you climax. This will be an incredible turn on and show exactly how much you love your rabbit and the way they use it on you.


No one likes jealousy, so if you have a boyfriend or hubby who hates on your rabbit, there's only one solution. Show him exactly why it feels so good by lubing up his shaft and holding your rabbit just under the head of his penis. This is a really sensitive area, so make sure you use the lowest vibration setting as he gets used to it. While the vibes work their magic – lick, kiss and gently suck the tip. He'll be going crazy. Point proven, the rabbit stays.

BUNNY FACT: Our toys are developed by experts and put through more quality testing than any other brand. Each Rampant Rabbit goes through over 100 tests (not the fluffy kind, we are lovers, not animal testers).


If you're a fan of anal exploration and experimentation then this is one for you. On all fours, get your partner to insert your rabbit from behind. This angle is amazing for hitting the G spot, and an incredibly hot way to work up to the main event. Make sure your partner uses plenty of lube, and then as he continues to thrust the rabbit inside you, get him to gently enter you anally. Those stimulating vibes against your clit will relax you and the feeling of double penetration is a new way to play for the adventurous. Go slow, lube up and double your pleasure.


If you're a Rampant Rabbit devotee, you need to experience the Moregasm Ones. Packed with guaranteed orgasm inducing Climax Technology, these bunnies buzz like no other. Seriously. As the intense power of these exclusive vibes have been created to travel further through the body and reach more nerve endings than any other toy, they are also perfect for massage. Use massage oil all over their body and use your Moregasm Rabbit to send good vibes from head to toe. To turn it up a notch, use restraints to tie then down and take control; tease them as their body responds to the deep sensations and drive them wild by sliding over their genitals. Release them and swap over, it's only fair…

BUNNY FACT: In 1999 we sold over 1 million Rabbits in 12 months – this outstripped sales of washing machines and tumble driers combined. No need to sit in the kitchen anymore…


Add a unique, new sensation to oral escapades. The next time you head down town, take your faithful rabbit with you and hold against your throat. That's right – no contact with your clit (sorry). The rumbling vibes will transfer to them and give a new, tantalising twist to the act that they've probably never experienced before. Make sure you only use the vibe settings – turning on any shaft movements will be pointless and very uncomfortable against your throat. If they are in ecstasy and want even more, hold the rabbit against their perineum as you finish the job. Voila!


What's even better than a buzzin' bunny? One that's warmed up or cooled down to further heighten pleasure…an old rabbit can learn new tricks. Simply lay your toy on a hot water bottle or if you have a waterproof rabbit, leave to stand in hot or cold water for a few minutes before play. You'll experience new sensations and stronger orgasms due to increased nerve sensitivity. Winner.

BUNNY FACT: A robber once ‘held up' a British betting shop with his girlfriend's Rampant Rabbit sex toy. That bunny was so Breaking Bad.


Show off your rabbit skills. Whether you send a hot video or masturbate in front of each other, this is a real pre sex pleaser which also makes you and your toy the stars of the show. This can take some confidence, and obviously only send sexy content to someone you trust, but if you're comfortable, they'll appreciate the power of the bunny as much as you. Plus you get to watch and learn how they like to get themselves off too, and see how much you turn them on. Sharing's caring…


The ultimate jewellery holder. Just kidding, the only accessory our Rampant Rabbits need is lube.

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