Top 12 Sex Positions

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Sex Positions Guide

At Ann Summers we are the aficionados of sex, your destination for pleasure and so much more. We aim to make every sex session as mind blowing and orgasm inducing as possible. These twelve, tantalising tips will have you reaching new heights and take you to whole new positions. Last longer, cum harder and think outside the box. Ride it and grind it, girl!


Toss back your hair and have the ride of your life. Let you inner exhibitionist loose and have your man bowing down to you forever more. Put the bounce back into that bed and get busy.

Fab for:

  • Hitting the G spot because of her titled hips.
  • Licking and sucking her nipples.
  • His hands supporting but also controlling the pace by holding her bum.
  • Great POV for him.


Take one huge step towards the big-O. The perfect position for adding some serious vibes – achieve mind blowing depth with this angle. Use your foot for support on his chest and with the other hand; hold one of our signature bullets against your clit. Lay back and let his deep thrusting and those intense bullet vibes do the work for you. Bullseye.

Fab for:

  • Putting him in the driving seat.
  • Adding a bullet or vibe to the mix.
  • Tilting your hips to hit G spot.
  • Perfect POV to stimulate yourself with your hand or a toy for intense vibes and his viewing pleasure.


Got a bench, chaise lounge or foot stool? Get out of the bedroom and drop it like a squat, straight on to him. Treat him to a booty-full view and take it from a whole new angle. Tilt your body forwards and hold his knees tight. Get in your stride and ride hard, cowgirl.

Fab for:

  • His POV – full view.
  • Him being able to control the pace, spank and stimulate your body with both hands.
  • Getting out of the bed.
  • Teasing him by switching speeds from fast to slow.
  • Facing a full length mirror to watch the show.


Have your man get down on one knee, and get down and dirty on top. This straddling position gives you the benefit of rubbing against his body for full contact, clitoral stimulation and receives plenty of attention to your nipples from his hands and mouth. WOW –marry me.

Fab for:

  • Getting down and dirty anywhere.
  • Full clit contact and stimulation.
  • Changing up the pace from a horizontal position.


Raise your leg, your arms and the temperature. Have him tie your hands together with restraints or hand cuff you to the headboard and explore the excitement of soft bondage. Keep intense eye-contact as he controls the pace and watches the effect his every thrust and touch has on you. This position will keep you both coming back for more.

Fab for:

  • Exploring soft bondage.
  • Deep penetration.
  • Hitting the G spot.
  • Using nipple clamps – he’s in charge.
  • Getting naughty and allowing him to climax over your body.


Double up on pleasure as you surrender yourself to your man and let him take full control. Take position on the floor and keep your balance as he holds your ankles and gets ready to ride. Your full weight against him will ensure deep penetration and will target the G spot, while your exposed pose will drive him wild. This is one kinky move on from Doggy Style and shows real bedroom acrobatics. #Skills.

Fab for:

  • Advanced couples.
  • Getting out of the bed.
  • Deep penetration.
  • Giving him all control.


Sit him down and lower yourself on to him. Steady yourself using his shoulders and bounce you way to bliss. The perfect position for him to suck and lick your nipples while you control the pace and how deep he goes… Start slow and shallow before squatting low, hard and fast for final climax. You’re in the driving seat.

Fab for:

  • G spot orgasms through deep penetration.
  • Building the pace and coming together.
  • Talking dirty – he’ll be begging for you to go harder.
  • Licking those nips.


Take a seat on your throne. Mix it up and take it side saddle style for a whole new experience. Get him to bend his knees and hold his thigh against you for support and incredible clitoral stimulation. Add lots of lube to twist, shout and scream your way to an unforgettable finish. Variety is the spice of life and you guys are on fire. Kudos.

Fab for:

  • Free hands, both of you can stimulate, spank and explore.
  • Changing up being on top.


The perfect position to get out of the bedroom. Grab a dining chair, strip and straddle your man. Show him some skills and make it kinky by lying back as far as you can while he’s inside you. You’ll be giving him an incredible view and feeling the benefit of his shaft being tilted to hit your G spot. Let him control the pace by holding your hips and moving you against him. To up the ante, use wrist restraints or a silk scarf to tie him to the chair before you start.

Fab for:

  • Hitting the G spot
  • He can give extra clitoral stimulation with his hands and control the pace
  • bondage play, use that chair and play with restraints


Keep your cowboy under control, firmly between your thighs. Hold his ankles or knees and push up on your knees to ride from fast to slow. He will love the 69 style visual and can use his hands to explore you or use a crop, whip or paddle to spank you if he wants you to go faster and deeper. Treat him to the joy of feeling every inch of you, inside and out. Milk it.

Fab for:

  • Hitting the G spot
  • Additional clit stimulation by rubbing against his thighs
  • Mixing up the angle to give one hell on a visual
  • Exploring spanking with that exposed booty


The rocking motions of this position guarantees your G-spot gets all the attention it deserves. Hold on to each other’s forearms for stability and to control pace and depth. Your man will be transfixed on the view of your naked body from head-to-toe. Go slow with loads of lube and rock rhythmically and tantalising slow to build to an incredible climax. Squeeze your knees together to make you feel tighter and watch him lose it. Rock on.

Fab for:

  • Hitting the G spot
  • Getting on top in a new way
  • Slow and deep sessions


Find your favourite yoga position and let him make it memorable. Once you nail this move, you’ll never need another class again. This hot position puts him firmly in the driving seat, while you lay back and enjoy every inch. Pressing together the soles of your feet will make you totally exposed and allow him to get deep. The perfect way to reach a higher level.

Fab for:

  • Him to get real deep
  • The final climax
  • Adding some vibes, hold a bullet against your clit and tell him to go harder just before you orgasm.