Fertility-Friendly Lube


Most lubricants are designed solely to aid in pleasure and comfort, but their consistency may hinder the sperm flow. For couples looking to conceive, My Viv has crafted a Fertility Friendly Lubricant which is designed to mimic natural vaginal lubrication, creating a barrier free stream for the sperm to reach the egg. This PH balanced lubricant has been formulated with hemp seed oils to help moisturise and alleviate vaginal dryness.

How to use:

Apply a layer on your genitals as well as your partner to ease your body on the path to conception, relax and ultimately enjoy intimate time together.



  • A leaf shape in a circle in a copper gradient colour97.7% natural
  • A water drop shape in a circle in a copper gradient colourMoisturising
  • A scales shaped outline in a circle in a copper gradient colourpH-balanced
  • A scientific flask shape in a circle in a copper gradient colourParaben-free
My Viv lubricant in deep purple and pale blue bottle laid on a marble surface with the pale blue pebble massager with a book and candle to the left.


A circle showing crystals of salt from the dead sea

Dead Sea Salt

A circle showing hemp seeds laid out on a flat surface

Hemp Seed

Aqua, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Phenoxyethenol, Maris sal, Ethylhexylglycerin, Magnesium Chloride, Calcium Chloride, Arginine, Cannabis sativa Seed Extract, Propanediol


  • This Lubricant has not been tested to be condom-compatible
  • This Lubricant is safe to use with sex toys

Pack Size

  • 100ml