Dilator Set


A set of three smooth and soft silicone dilators, used progressively to help gently ease vaginal tightness and anxiety relating to sexual intercourse.

How to use:

Start by relaxing, perhaps using one of the My Viv scented candles, and take things slowly. Hold the round end of the smallest dilator. Using a My Viv lubricant, cover the tapered end of the dilator with the gel to assist with insertion. Try to leave the rounded handle dry so it remains easy to grip. We’d suggest lying back so you’re comfortable, and slowly inserting the tapered tip into your vagina, to a depth that you are comfortable with. Keep hold of the rounded end, and ensure this part remains outside of your body. Leave in place for a short time, we suggest 15 minutes: this will relax and ease your vaginal muscles.

Take your time over a few relaxed sessions to gently become more confident using the dilators. As you become more comfortable with the feeling of the smallest size, you can then try the next size up, gradually working your way to the larger of the three dilators.

After use, clean with My Viv Natural Toy Cleaner and ensure it is dry before storage.

Donation to Breast Cancer Now with every purchase. 10% of profits will got to Breast Cancer now. A minimum of £100,000 will be raised through product sales and other fundraising.


  • 3 piece set
  • Coated with soft, body safe silicone
  • Lengths: 2.5", 3.6", 4.6"
  • Diameters: 1cm, 1.5cm, 2cm
  • Clean with My Viv Toy Cleaner