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Get a Handle on Handcuffs

A guide to using Handcuffs

National Handcuff Day is officially here, so let’s celebrate. There’s no better time to experiment, if you’d like to get a little bit kinky and enjoy playtime with your partner. Read through our step-by-step guide and discover everything you need to know.

Establish some ground rules

Want to feel completely trapped? Want your cuffs slightly looser? Well, this is exactly why setting rules should never be an afterthought or considered a mood-dampener. Remember that you’ll have little to no freedom to move. So, having a chat can build complete trust before making your decision. Topics like consent, boundaries and safe words are a good starting point. Then once you’re both on the same page, feel free to take the next step.

A selection of our handcuffs - A pair with red soft fur on the wrist restraints, a pair of black metal handcuffs and a pair of silver metal handcuffs

Find the perfect pair

At Ann Summers, you’ll find a range of soft, fluffy and comfy styles like our sassy red fur handcuffs, as well as a selection of classic metal designs. Want to tie them up in style? Then opt for our stylish red faux-leather and luxurious studded buckle cuffs to really get each other in the mood.

Whether you bind your wrists, ankles or both, there’s a fine line between pleasure and pain, and it’s all down to personal preference. If you feel like trying handcuffs, there’s something here for you whether you’re looking for a little teasing or a more BDSM vibe…

Stimulate the senses

Man leans over women to kiss her cheek whilst lying on a bed

Touch, taste and tease with temperature play. Try blindfolding your partner and experimenting with cool and warm sensations. Freeze some of our flavored lube for a super fun and slippery experience. The best way to heighten each other’s senses.

Face of woman with lace blindfold on

Let your fantasies loose

Want to take it away from the bedroom? Handcuffs are one of the most versatile ways to play, whether you’re at home or away.

Let playtime become a reality with our seductive fancy dress range. Serve your partner in our best-selling Maid to Pleasure outfit, aim to please as a Sexy Secretary or frisk away in our Sergeant costume.

Aroused by a bit of kink?

So, go ahead. Get kinky and have fun!

Take things up a notch with our beginner’s guide to BDSM and bondage.