Sexy Black Robes

What sexy mysteries lie beneath your black robe? The sexiest and most comfortable of bedroom items is perfect for concealing gorgeous lingerie or simply slipping on when you’re getting ready for a big night out.

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The Black Robe: A Bedroom Staple

Ok, so that big fluffy dressing gown might be perfectly comfortable, but sometimes we want something a little sleeker and sexier. A black satin robe is soft, sensual and the perfect item to throw on at any time.

How Do I Wear a Black Robe with Lingerie?

If you’re dressed up in your favourite underwear, suspenders and stockings, then a little black robe is perfect to wear over the top, adding that intrigue that means your partner just can’t contain themselves. When the time is right, just slip it off…

How Do I Colour Code a Black Robe?

If you’re using your black lace or satin robe as part of a dress up outfit for a naughty evening, you might be thinking about colour coding with the rest of your lingerie. Well, we’ve got good news, if you didn’t already know black goes with everything!