Birthday Suit

Nude Lingerie: The Birthday Suit Collection

Feeling yourself? Well, you 100% will be in our Birthday Suit collection. From bodies to body-stockings, dresses to whatever you want to wear underneath them, we’ve got it all in four different nudes. It’s time to celebrate your truest self in style.

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Choosing the Nude Lingerie for You…

Embracing your beautiful skin is an important part of life, helping you feel great and increase your sexual confidence. Our Birthday Suit range of nude lingerie has been put together to allow to you wow yourself and your partner whilst embracing the true beauty of your skin.

When Can I Wear a Nude Dress?

Nude isn’t just a stylish colour for a night on the tiles, it’s also perfect to glam up and get sexy in the bedroom. With diamante sparkles and a cut that hugs your beautiful curves perfectly, a nude dress or nude lace dress is perfect for your bedroom look.

Choosing a Nude Bodysuit Size

If you’ve never bought a bodysuit before, you might find choosing the right size a little tricky. Don’t’ worry though! Most of our bodies come with a size guide on the page and in the usual small, medium, large and so on sizes. Just check out the product description and you’ll be able to link it to your normal clothing size. Our increase your sexual confidence should also help you out.

Why Wear Nude Lingerie?

We know how beautiful your natural skin is, so why wear natural lingerie? Just like any lingerie, keeping a little something to the imagination just makes things even more exciting. Stunning in a bodysuit or stockings and suspenders is a sure-fire way to make you feel your fiercest. Plus, with everything from nude nipple covers to nude stockings, it’s ideal for wearing low-key under your outfit on a night out.