Bra Fitting Guide

Bra Fitting Guide

Bra Fitting

Sexy lingerie can make you look and feel amazing, but wearing the wrong bra size can be uncomfortable, and even damaging to your body. Even bras that seem to fit just fine can be way off the mark when it comes to providing the right support and doing your body justice.

But how do you know a bra fits correctly? Read on and learn how to check you're wearing the right size bra...

How should a bra fit correctly?

Finding the right bra depends on lots of factors – the size (obviously!) but also the occasion and the desired effect. You can expect a plunge bra to give a different shape to a balcony bra, whilst an underwired bra will obviously give your shape more of a boost.

Whichever type of bra you choose, there are some things you can check to make sure the bra you're wearing really fits you:

The band

First up, the band itself. This should sit firm and straight. You should be able to get two fingers under it but still feel a little resistance. If it's too loose, you need a smaller size. If you're struggling to get your fingers in, then you should try the next size up.

The straps

The straps are a key part of your bra. You'll be forgiven for thinking that tighter straps mean more support from your bra, but they should actually sit comfortably on the shoulder without any pinching or sliding. Be sure to check they are equal on both sides.

The centre

Also known as the ‘bra bridge', this is the little bit of fabric nestled snuggly between your boobs. It should sit flat to your body without any room underneath but also not digging into your skin. If you can see a gap, you need to go up in size.

The wires

If you're testing out underwired bras, be sure to check they fit properly. These should follow the natural curve at the base of your breast. If they're sitting on it or too far below, they won't do their job, and this is where a lot of support comes from.

The cups

If all the other elements are adjusted correctly, your cups should be smooth and perfectly moulded to the line curve of your breast. Any wrinkles or gaps, you're in the wrong bra!

Tell-tale signs your bra doesn't fit

Aside from physical issues, wearing the wrong bra size can also seriously knock your body confidence. Show off your beautiful shape – whatever that is – by finding the right bra fit.

Here are some of the signs to look out for, and how you know when it's time to replace your bra:


If your boobs look like they're trying to escape under your arm or over the top of the cups, you're underestimating your size. If back bulge is your problem, then you need a bigger band size. Ain't nobody got time for tucking things back in.


If your bra fabric is wrinkled or baggy, your cup size is too big. While it's tempting to go up a size when you're below average, you won't get the support you need – even smallies need scaffolding.


Nothing beats taking your bra off after a long day. But do you ever notice redness or chaffing in certain spots? Whether it's underneath your breasts or on the ribs or shoulders, this is a sure sign it's too tight.


If you're constantly pulling up sliding straps, you've likely gone too big in the band, cup or both. Same goes if your bra rides up your back, or if your boobs get exposed when you raise your arms – that's a nip slip nobody wants to experience.

If you're constantly pulling up sliding straps, you've likely gone too big in the band, cup or both. Same goes if your bra rides up your back, or if your boobs get exposed when you raise your arms.

So there you have it, your complete bra-fitting guide. With the right size sitting snug on your breasts, not only do you get better support, you'll also feel even sexier. Take a look at our full range of bras to find one that's just right, from sizes 30A to 44H!

Remember our free instore bra-fitting service is available in all of our stores, where we can help find the perfect bra for you.

Now you know your size, why not treat yourself?

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