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Acts of Insanity Game

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Price reduced from $ 27.00 to $ 8.99
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Self-described as the crazy party game for crazy people, Acts Of Insanity is charades on over-drive where the subjects are unimaginably wild and the opposing team holds your destiny in their hands! Drawing 5 Character, Action, Location or Object cards at random then selecting just one, you have just 2 minutes to act it out for your team. The perfect I.R.L. activity to really kick off a party or small gathering! Includes 108 Character cards, 108 Action cards, 108 Location/Object cards, 2-minute timer + instructions booklet

  • - 4-12 Players
  • - Game Includes: 108 Character Cards, 108 Action Cards, 108 Location or Object Cards, a 2 Minute Timer and Instructions
  • - One person (the proctor) is in charge of the game cards, the other players divide into two teams of at least two people.
    - The proctor texts three sets of three scenarios that are one white, blue and black cards each to the first volunteer.
    - This first actor then acts out as full scenarios as he can during the two minute timed turn.
    - He may talk but not say words on the cards.
    - The team gets one point for each correct fully guessed scenario.
    - The next team takes the next turn and play continues as teams rotate who acts and who guesses.
    - The first team to earn 10 points and wins.

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