We Won't Tell If You Don't!

Discretion Guaranteed

We understand that sometimes you want to keep your private life, well, private. So we developed our Discretion Guarantee. Once you have received your order, it is then up to you whether you want to scream and shout about it, but we won't tell if you don't!

  • Your Bank Statement will say AS Ltd.
  • Your Parcel will be 100% Unbranded
  • Your Returns Address doesn't mention Ann Summers

Your Bank Statement

Maybe you are buying a gift and don't want your partner to know, or maybe you just like short names on your bank statement. Whatever your reasons, we ensure absolute discretion by appearing on your statement as AS Ltd.

Your Parcel

We know it's what's underneath that counts, so please excuse our bland packaging. (Yawn...)

We're guessing as the contents will be red hot you won't mind too much

Your Returns Address

What good would it be if we went to all those lengths to ensure your privacy is respected if we don't provide the same service if you ever need to return an item?

Dont worry, we've got it covered. Our returns address is just as discreet as everything else we do.

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