Guide to Bisexual Toys

Bisexual play is an exciting adventure into all kinds of different sensations and play. Whether you’re indulging in all-female, all-male sex or a threesome, there are so many ways you can seek new experiences and enjoy pleasure from bisexual sex.

Here at Ann Summers, we know there’s one sure-fire way to improve any sex and that’s sex toys. We’ve put together some of our favourite toys to help you make your bisexual experiences better than ever!


The classic vibrator is the perfect place to start for bisexual play. Using a vibrating toy to give that G-spot (on women) or P-spot (on men, just in case you needed clarification!) even more intense sensations is a certain way to make your bisexual experience even more pleasurable.

We Vibe Nova Remote Control G-Spot Vibrator

The We Vibe Nova is specifically designed to hit you in all the right places, maintaining contact with your clitoris and G-spot, whatever you’re doing. To make this toy even more exciting, it comes with a remote control, so you can insert it and your pleasure will be at the mercy of your partner. Perfect for three-person play, giving one control of every sensation as you all play.

Moregasm+ Boost Rampant Rabbit

With three speeds and four rotating patterns, the Moregasm+ Boost Rampant Rabbit is a serious pleasure-giver. With a 4.5” inch shaft, this toy is ideal for reaching the G-Spot, or even P-Spot, as those waves of vibrating pleasure flow. This is ideal for an all-female situation where one or both of you wants penetration.

Self Love Massage Wand

The wand is an old classic toy but wow is it worth it! Our Self Love Massage Wand can be used in any bisexual sex, whoever is involved. The head of the wand can be run all over your body, giving off sensual and intense vibrations that’ll both loosen you up and send you into blissful and orgasmic relaxation. Perfect for tantric play, helping you build up to intense sex.

Fusion Flexible Vibrator

Sleek and slender, this toy is perfect to introduce into the bedroom for a bisexual experience. Its silicone body, varying speed and vibration patterns make it ideal for external use, meaning any gender can get the most out of this toy.

Sets and Strap Ons

Sometimes a bisexual couple might want something a little different to really help them scratch that itch in the bedroom. For those occasions, we’ve got some choices to get your toy collection looking as proud as it should be!

Couples Mega Toy Set

The Couples Mega Toy Set really does have something for everyone. With a vibrator, buttplug, rabbit, anal beads and much more, this collection is designed to help ensure you’re never left unsatisfied without the perfect sex toy. It’s also great if you’re looking for beginner’s sex toys, letting you experiment with a bit of whatever takes your fancy!

Beginner’s Strap On Set

A strap on can be one of the most liberating and seriously fun sex toys! For females who want to replicate that feeling of penetration for G-spot stimulation, a strap-on can easily replace a penis and mean you have all the fun. They’re also ideal for a threesome with a bisexual male – just strap one on and let your pegging dreams come true.

Egg and Bullet

Sometimes smaller is better, and with an egg or vibrating bullet, that can often be the case! Just grab a pocket-sized toy and prepare for toe-curling fun!

Fusion Rechargeable Remote Control Egg

The Fusion Rechargeable Remote Control Egg is a seriously multipurpose pleasure-giver. Either use it as a classic bullet, letting those intense vibrations wash over your body, or pop in internally and hand the remote over to your partner for a naughty night out. This item is ideal for female couples to use vaginally, although anyone can use the egg externally, focusing those vibrations on all those sensitive areas.

Rechargeable Power Bullet Vibrator

Like a bullet but turned up to 11! The Rechargeable Power Bullet Vibrator has seven speed settings and three vibrating patterns, just plug it in and charge it up before letting it loose. Ideal for use on the nipples, clitoris or anywhere around the penis, this little bad boy is a must-have for your sex toy collection. Read our How to Use a Bullet Guide to find out more.

Get Lubed Up!

Lube lube lube! One of the single most important factors to unlocking the ultimate pleasure in bed, lube is quite simply an essential. Making things smoother, more comfortable, tastier… lube is truly heroic! Our How to Use Lube Guide will help you get the most of the slippery stuff!

Liquid Satin Multi Lube

Liquid satin is the perfect multi-purpose lube, so whether you’re trying anal or simply getting a dildo ready for use, it’s the ideal item to help make things go as smoothly as possible. Whatever you need it for – this lube is ready to do the job!

Cheeky Cherry Lube

Trying bisexual oral for the first time? Enjoy different flavours and sensations as you go down on your partner? Cheeky Cherry Lube will make everything just that little bit tastier. This product is perfect for any sexual experience, no matter who is involved!

Bisexual sex is the perfect time to explore your urges and fantasies, learning new and exciting ways you can experience pleasure. Adding sex toys to the mix is just another way to take it to new orgasmic levels!

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