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The Best Job in the World? Being a Sex Toy Tester

As with any product created, sex toys such as clitoral stimulators, dildos and vibrators, must undergo testing and trials to ensure things such as safety, water resistance, battery life, and resilience to prolonged use, drops, and knocks. But the main test comes in verifying that it does what it says it’s going to do on the packaging – give the user intense pleasure and 100% satisfaction. Of course, this isn’t something a machine or testing lab can confirm, for this we need human testers. Yes, that’s right, our sex toys are tested for pleasure by people just like you, and it’s not particularly difficult to become a sex toy tester either!

Becoming a Product Tester for Ann Summers

There are a few ways you can become a sex toy reviewer with Ann Summers, the main perk of doing so being that you get free sex toys. Yes, that’s right, we send you sex toys for free which you then keep in exchange for an honest review. The reason we do this is that it’s so important for us to get feedback from our community on the products we create for them. So much goes into creating sex toys, from the initial concept to the design and build, and we want to know that the finished product is good enough to sell to the world.

If you’re wondering how to become a sex toy tester, why not consider joining the Ann Summers Community – Fann Summers? More than just a loyalty programme, the Ann Summers community is a hub where like-minded people can come together and chat, share and ask for advice. Fann Summers is a safe space where you have the anonymity to be completely open and honest whilst also being aware that the platform is friendly and safe, and any form of bullying or hate speech is swiftly dealt with. From the Fann Summers platform, you can fill out a simple survey which takes less than a minute and from there we select people to test our products. You also get exclusive offers, event invites, prize drawers and lots of other perks from joining the community, so why not check it out?

Sex Toy Tester Jobs – Is There a Sex Toy Tester Salary?

Ahh sadly not, if there were a salary then we expect everyone would be applying for the role – imagine being able to pay your mortgage by having orgasms? However, with the rising cost of living, getting your hands on free sex toys is a bonus – at least your orgasms won’t cost a thing.

So, now you know all you need to know about becoming a sex toy tester and we’ve answered the question ‘how to get free sex toys’ – don’t waste any time joining our community where you can sign up to have your mind blown (for free) by our range of products. We don’t just need reviews on sex toys, we also use your feedback to improve and grow our range of stunning lingerie and sexual health products such as lubricants and massage oils. What are you waiting for?

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