Bushtucker trials for the bedroom:
go down under with trials that will make your toes curl

If you love a challenge, why not tick off some new saucy foreplay with our first ever bushtucker trials for the bedroom? Try a new trial each time!

Whether you’re a JLSter, you’re tuning in to listen to the dulcet tones of Fred Sirieix or you’re keen to see Farage in fear, one thing we all have in common is the love of watching our fave celebs take part in gruesome bushtucker trials.

With I’m a Celeb back on our screens, let’s go down under and bring the spirit of the jungle to our bedrooms. It’s time to crown your king or queen of the jungle by taking part in Ann Summers’ very own bushtucker trials and spice up your foreplay.

Let’s get ready to rumble…

Bobber's Delight

#1 Bobbers Delight

A nod to the supporting embrace of Bob the medic, this ode to the master of cockroach removal will ease you into your session nice and easy. The supporting partner will need strong arms as they cradle their bushtucker buddy from a standing position, cupping their buttocks as they let their jungle python roam free into any dark places it desires.

#2 Kiosk Quick Stop

A more appetising version of the eating trials we’ve become accustomed to, this tasty treat will leave you feeling dizzier than Jillian McKeith. The question is, which one of you has been practicing their yoga? If you can’t master a handstand unaided, try this one against a wall or get your campmate to support you by wrapping their arms around your waist as they dine on your delicacies, add to the enjoyment with flavoursome edible licks that the I’m a Celeb contestants can only dream of as they dine on rice & beans.

#3 Bridge Balance Beam

It’s giving Syndey Harbour Bridge vibes, and one of you will need the strength of steel to master this one. The penetrator goes underneath arching their body into a bridge shape while they’re straddled by their partner. This position allows for a much deeper penetration, not to mention the addition of natural vibrations as their muscles tremble in what could easily be adopted as a stress position. Try this with your male partner or with the help of a strap-on. We’d love to know how long you can keep this tent pitched, camper.

#4 Rice ‘N’ Beans

If you’ve managed all 3 so far, we doth our boonie hat to you. And after all that exertion, it’s time to get horizontal and have a snack, and we don’t expect this version of rice & beans to get any complaints. This sideways take on the 69 position affords you the luxury of a headrest as you please and tease your playmate. Rely solely on your oral skills or sneak a bullet vibe or butt plug into camp for a finish with more slip and slide than the Celebrity Cyclone.

Try the trials for yourself and get a taste of the jungle.