Choose the right lingerie to enhance your body

Choosing Your First Sex Toy

There's no such thing as "the wrong shape". No such thing as a "real woman" size, either. It's not about what you've got – it's about what you do with it.

Dressing for your shape will always mean a killer look compared to one-size-fits-all simplicity, whether we're talking bundling up in coats and jeans, or stripping down to fierce, erotic lingerie. Don't settle for looking anything less than your best, girl. Figure out what you need, and go get it.

Know Your Shape

Bodies come in endless shapes and sizes. No two are alike, and everyone reps their own styles. We don't want to push you in to a category, but we do need to simplify a little. There are five main body shapes – whichever one you fit into, we've got some advice for owning it.


Narrow in the waist, wide at the chest and hips. A larger bum and boobs. It's that classic Hollywood figure, so hit that classic look. Corsets and basques highlight your waist and emphasise your boobs. If you're a bit smaller on top, combine a waspie and plunge bra for a stunning boost.

Suspender belts ramp up the vintage glamour, and will draw every eye down to your bum and legs. Alternatively, scrap the lot and go all out, head-to-toe sexy in a bodystocking. Every amazing curve will be screaming for attention.


Bigger boobs, slimmer waist, smaller bum. Your best assets are up top, but you've got plenty to work with all over, honey. Sweet but most definitely not innocent. Go overboard with bras in every style – push-up, plunge, balcony, peephole – and flaunt what you just know is your best feature. But you're only half way there – you've gotta balance out your bottom half. Shorts, high-waisted styles and tutu briefs – styles that really stand out. Stockings, too – is there anyone who doesn't look a little bit femme-fatale in hold-ups?


Narrower shoulders and smaller boobs. Curvier in the waist, and a bigger bum to match. Little in the middle, but so much back – any anaconda's gonna want some. You know what we're talking about. Embrace it.

Go big by going small. Keep shorts for the everyday, and save thongs, strings, and bumless briefs for after dark. Highlight your waist and lower curves with waspies and longline bras. Perfect for underwear-as-outerwear as well as in the bedroom. But for the true art of tease, babydolls and chemises are elegant on top while offering tempting glimpses of what's below...


All-over-curves, widest at the waist. Tired of being told to cinch your middle in with corsets or waspies? Embrace each and every one of those stunning curves with erotic bodies and bodystockings to lengthen your lines. Go for plunging necklines – you'll be irresistible.

More comfortable covering up a little? Whatever you need to feel at your most fierce, girl. Cami sets with shorts work great on wider waists and hips, comfy and sexy in equal measures. Longer babydolls and chemises will give you coverage with a strong dose of tease, while hold-ups draw eyes down to your legs.


The athletic figure. Slender curves on top and below. Tiny waist. You can pretty much wear anything. The world's your oyster, girl. Want to call attention to your curves? Corsets, camis and plunge bras will make them stand out, and bodystockings were basically made for you.

Or you can embrace your delicate frame. Longline bras and high-waisted briefs will flaunt it, and floaty, feminine babydolls keep it oh-so-temptingly away.

Embrace Your Height

It's not just a case of short or tall - no matter what your body shape, your torso and leg measurements will effect what you wear best.

Shorter Torso

Avoid high waists and longline bras – they'll make your torso look even shorter. Show a little more skin with low-rising briefs, hipsters and thongs, or a lot more with quarter-cup bras. Together, they'll help give you a longer, more delicate frame.

Longer Torso

Just flip our tips from above, and you'll be on it. Otherwise, babydolls and chemises may fall a little short on you. But that's not always a bad thing…

Shorter Legs

Get a little extra length from briefs with high-cut legs. Brazilians and thongs will make every inch count. Longline bras and shorter babydolls will call attention to your legs and help them stand out. And, of course, what's stopping you from keeping those heels on?

Longer Legs

No point messing around. Stockings. Of every kind. Put those irresistibly long legs on show and you'll be unstoppable. Any longer pieces, though, may not reach quite as far as needed. Especially if you're going for something classically seductive and floor-length.

Own It

You'll know your best features better than anyone, so show them off, honey. Ditch 'trouble spot' worries – there's no such thing when your lingerie game's on point – and focus on your best assets.

Nothing is sexier than being confident in your own skin. Your lingerie is just an extension of that. Know your shape, know yourself. Own it.