If there is one thing that the Ann Summers team is passionate about, it’s lube. Lube can totally transform your sex life, regardless of your age, gender or sexual orientation.

Often perceived as being something which is simply to overcome vaginal dryness, lubricant is actually a powerful weapon in improving the sex lives of everyone, at every stage – from masturbation to oral and anal.

The wetter the better.

Getting the right lube for the job is imperative. So, read on and slide and ride.

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The basics. Some lubes are great for one thing and terrible for another. Don’t ruin your sexual satisfaction with the wrong type of lubricant, get a head’s up and get set for success.


Water-based lubricant has many benefits; it won’t damage your toys, it doesn’t stain your bedsheets and can be used safely with condoms.

On the downside, water-based lube is absorbed quickly into the skin, making it not ideal for long sessions unless you’re OK with re-applying regularly.

DO use for: Vaginal sex, oral sex, sex toys, male masturbation.

DON’T use for: Anal sex



Silicone lube combines the best of both worlds. It has the smooth and easy ride of water-based with the highly arousing texture of oil. It lasts a lot longer than water based lube, so you don’t have to apply as regularly or use as much.

Did you know it’s waterproof too? Another excuse to hop in the shower together.

While silicone lube won’t damage condoms, it can severely damage your sex toys if they’re made of silicone. Stick to water based if you’re playing with a battery-operated friend.

DO use for: Vaginal sex, anal sex.

DON’T use for: Any sex toy (male or female) that is made with real-feel materials or silicone.


As with all sex acts, the wetter the better. Oral sex for both a men and women can benefit from a good dollop of flavoured lube.

A tasty treat for the giver, a flavoured lube is sure to keep them more interested in providing the pleasure.

For the receiver, a lubricant can make oral sex feel 10x better – gliding over sensitive spots and preventing any uncomfortable friction.



Both water based and silicone based lubes are great for vaginal sex.

If you want to mix things up, explore with sensations.  Intensify orgasms with tingle or warming lubes, designed to draw more blood to the area with a signature O blend.


For something a little simpler, try Strip Bare, a fragrance free, water based lube, designed to be kind and gentle to the skin.


Anal sex is one area where lube is absolutely necessary. To make anal sex comfortable and pleasurable for both parties, a good amount of lube is required.

A silicone based lube is great for anal sex; with more staying power, it’ll provide lubrication for longer without absorbing into the skin.

Specially designed anal lubes such as Booty Relax and Pjur Backdoor Glide contain extra ingredients to ensure your most comfortable anal sex session.


Going solo means you have, pretty much, free reign with regards to your lube choice.

As long as you’re not using toys, you can use both water and silicone based lubes. Experiment alone and find out what works for you. From freezing ice cubes of lube to exploring with new sensations, your options are endless.

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Silicone and real-feel toys must never be used with silicone based lube!

Using silicone lube will result in your toy breaking down and no-one wants that. Keep your toys in tip-top condition by opting for one of our many water based lubricants.


Need more info? Read our in-depth guide on how to use lube!

Keep it wet n’ wild.
Love Team AS.x