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The gift that keeps on giving – lingerie.

A gift of lingerie is always a great one and with a few quick tips, you’re sure to get it spot on. Buying underwear is the perfect way to let your partner know just how sexy you find them and what’s better than a compliment wrapped in a bow? Give her lingerie and one, big confidence boost. Celebrate your hot honey.

Give to receive – we’re here to help you get it right.



Getting the right size is key – there is no easier way than to sneak a peek at her lingerie draw.

The label on bras is typically located near the back clasps and consists of a number (indicating the inches around her back) and a letter (telling you her cup size). Ann Summers stocks an impressive range, from a 30A – 44H.

Knickers come in clothes sizes with Ann Summers stocking size 6 – 24.


If you don’t have access to her draws… and labels, you can take an informed guess by picking a piece of lingerie which is sized in small, medium, large or extra-large.


This is where things get a little trickier but really this all boils down to personal preference and a little observation – keep your eyes peeled.

Does your girl look smoking in a suspender belt and stockings? Does she sizzle in PVC? Knowing what she likes is a good basis to buy a great present.

Have a browse about and pick something which is similar to the styles she already owns.


Remember the difference between stockings and hold-ups. Hold-ups will stay up on their own. Big surprise there. Stockings will need suspenders, though.


Most importantly, you shouldn’t take this process to seriously, any woman would be grateful for such a thoughtful, intimate (and well researched) gift.


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Give and get off.
Love Team As.x