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Much like the delivery, I came really quick…

Oh dear, it was a much stronger opener in my head than it was on paper!


And so Man Summers reviews the Magnetize Cock Ring

After a few weeks of work life stress, Mrs A.Summers and I had finally got a lil time to ourselves, lit up a few candles, slipped into an oily massage, and besides the candle blowing up and through hot wax all over the wall, the session was going well.

Turning up the heat, the super soft, super stretchy ring was slid on and deep bassy waves of pleasure began pulsating through my shaft and lower abdomen, as Mrs A.S, stepped aboard the ride.

Choosing the hard side for herself, the additional grinding on the toy as she rode me sent the pleasure high for the two of us.

Perhaps it was the long gap between this and the previous sex session, perhaps it was the Magnetize Cock Ring but within 10 minutes, as we lay on the Magnetize_product_image_cockring_4bed having finished, all that could be heard was heavy breathing and the hearty throbbing of…

The cock ring – did you expect me to say penis? Disgusting people…


And much like our session with the toy, this review has come hurtling towards a speedy and premature end – I can only hope you enjoyed it as much we did.

So until next time, behave, and keep it consensual kids ;)