We at Ann Summers are all about making women feel sexually empowered. So, we’ve created these simple tips to help you feel more confident in the bedroom. Rest assured that once you do, you’ll feel like a new woman…

Get to know yourself
woman - get to know yourself

The biggest part of becoming sexually confident is knowing what you like. Why? Because getting to know your body brings you one step closer to knowing what you want in the bedroom. Believe us when we say that a bit of guidance goes a long way and leads to very satisfying results…so once you explore yourself, never hesitate to tell your partner exactly what turns you on.

Get to know them
Foreplay - Get to know them

Knowing what your partner likes is a sure-fire way to feeling like a queen in the bedroom.

Encourage your partner to express their likes. Then when you get down to business just make sure to keep an ear out on their vocal reactions. The more encouragement you get, the more likely you are to bring out your inner sex goddess. It’s about giving and receiving, after all.

Get the Mindset
Woman in lingerie - Get the mindset

We’re not just talking about orgasms. Acting confident helps you to genuinely feel confident. Once you’ve let your guard down, you’re far more likely to give it your all without a care in the world. So, to start off, try listening to some music or wearing your favourite lingerie to get you in the mood.

Hang up your body hang-ups
Thong - hang up those body hang ups

Whatever makes you feel good (and closer to orgasm) is the main goal, right? It’s not about how you look from a certain angle or if your stretch marks are on show. Remember that your partner doesn’t see any of your imperfections if they’re trying to get in the mood. So, it’s time to erase any negative thoughts and focus on living in the moment.

Trust us. With these tips and our list of sex positions, you’re bound to be impressed…