Orgasms are often elusive but long have we looked for them in the same places. More unconventional erogenous zones may be the key to unlocking mind-blowing orgasms. Nipple play is a great way to build up to, and even achieve climax. Forget the clit and embrace the nip – this is your guide to getting off.


Temperate play is an incredible way to stimulate nipples. Keep things cool to really turn up the heat. By putting lube in an ice cube tray and freezing overnight you’re able to chill out and lube up – it’s a win win.

Get your partner to gently blow on your cool nipples then tease with a light lick or suck bringing them back up to temperature before cooling off again. Stimulating the nerve endings and drawing blood to the surface builds excitement and brings you closer to the all-important nipple orgasm.

Sensations gels and tingling lubes are another great way to get your nipples in the game. Ann Summers Orgasm Gel is a fantastic way to have your nipples giving you the same sensations that you get from your clitoris – add a pea sized amount to your nipples to heighten every sensation. Have your partner lick, suck, tweak and even a gently nibble you to an earth shattering climax.



Much like your clitoris, your nipples are a hotbed of nerve endings which respond incredibly to vibration.


Climax Rechargeable Power Bullet

Nipple orgasm

The most powerful bullet in our range, this gorgeous, rose gold bullet packs a serious punch – strong enough to get your boobs buzzing and seriously stimulated. The tapered head means that you can direct the vibration straight to the area, getting you off in record time, in a brand new way.

Ultimate O Clitoral Vibrator

Nipple orgasm

Get your kicks with the ultimate O clitoral vibe. The three pronged toy has been designed to fully surround the clitoris but this also makes it a great choice for your nips. Stimulate the entire area or use the individual heads to target vibration to your hottest spots. Three is never a crowd.

Vibrating Nipple Clamps

Nipple orgasm

Want to kick things up a notch? Mix pleasure with plain. Vibrating nipple clamps are the perfect way to go from ouch to orgasm in two seconds flat. Excite the area with manual play then attach the clamps and press the button to get things buzzing.

Black Nipple Suckers

nipple orgasm

If your sensation of choice is suction, nipple suckers are the ones for you. Lube your boobs; squeeze and release this simple set. The pair draw more blood to the area, exciting the nerve endings and making the nipples far more sensitive. Pair this with temperature play or vibration and an orgasm is guaranteed.

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Find a new way orgasm and thank us later.

Love Team AS.x