Are you ready to hone your hand job skills? This basic b- move has been in your repertoire since you began fumbling behind the bike sheds, but it’s 2017 and time to learn some new moves. This is your handy guide to hand jobs, your manual handling 101 and your reason to get a (new) grip.


If you love it, lube it. Keep it wet and wild with a lubricant or oil, its the sure fire way to make your hand job memorable. A well lubricated hand job allows you to apply more pressure, glide over the head, shaft and balls with ease and stimulate more nerve endings. Remember: reach for the tube before you tug.

You’ve lubed it, so use it. Every inch of the penis is an opportunity for pleasure, although the head is a hot spot of nerves and a guaranteed way to get him off. The frenulum and scrotum are both areas which need some extra attention. With your hand wrapped around his shaft, stroke the frenulum (the string of skin which joins the head to the shaft aka the banjo string) with the pad of your thumb whilst working in up and down motions. The scrotum (balls) are often neglected but gentle cupping, stroking and sucking will have him moaning in no time.

Continually pumping the python isn’t necessarily the recipe for an award winning hand job. Twist, twizzle and massage. Mix things up and beat the arm ache. Hand jobs shouldn’t be a straight up and down shuffle, mixing up your movements whilst keeping a rhythm is a sure fire way to have him firing.

We’re not saying strangulation is sexy, but a good grip around his penis is definitely appreciated. Shake things up but varying your grip, going from soft to hard as you travel up the shaft giving a mind-blowing squeeze when you reach the super sensitive head.

Hand jobs offer a wealth of options when it comes to positions. Keeping things fresh sometimes involves looking at things from a new perspective… literally. Offer a cheeky reach around next time they’re waiting for the kettle to boil, practice your ‘rusty trombone’ (rimming whilst giving a hand job) or simply adjust the angle of his penis to bend down, ever so slightly, whilst you practice your new technique. Get him to tell you what he likes as you do it, the power is in your hands.


So ultimately, you’re trying to make your partner ejaculate (unless this is strictly foreplay, in which case, keep control of your speed). Be ready to deal with what is going to ensue and decide exactly where you want this to end up. Whether it’s mouth, boobs or on his belly, bear in mind where the load is getting dropped off to prevent any last minute panic when he’s ready to blow.

Make your fumble a little more fun.

Love Team AS.x