Every body is beautiful and deserves lingerie to match.

Our latest campaign, ‘Unapologetically You’ celebrates all shapes and sizes with the help of our gorgeous influencers.

Our girl squad of gorgeous fashion bloggers are here to give you all the outfit inspiration you need. Our new season fashion collection is here, including the statement bodies, bralets and corset belts you need, to instantly update and upgrade your wardrobe from a 6 to a 10. Check out how out how the girls style it on insta @annsummers for the ultimate underwear as outwear looks.

We asked them all about their Ann Summers shoot experience, find out how the day went down.


Influencers - daina



Musician with singles on the ITunes chart and fashion blogger.


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Influencers - Felicity Hayward



A prominent voice in the body confidence movement, Felicity has her own merchandise “self-love brings beauty”.

More than just a model.





Renowned fashion blogger.


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Lingerie enthusiast and home grown talent, Chloe, works for Ann Summers, in store. 


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Influencers - Jade Laurice



Fashion blogger and clothes designer/artist at POCALONDON.


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Model and influence Sylvija is passionate about breaking the norms of the beauty industry.


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How does it feel being an official Ann Summers ambassador?

JADE: I feel honoured as I see Ann summers as a brand that evokes so much female sex appeal and confidence, so it makes me feel so grateful to be chosen as someone who stands for this.

CHLOE: Becoming an ambassador with the ‘Unapologetically You’ campaign makes me so proud and is another amazing step into the brand I love.

YASMINE: It just feels surreal as my mother was an Ann summers ambassador when I was a kid; I always remember her lingerie. So it feels really nice I get to be a part of this campaign with Ann Summers.

FELICITY: As a curvy girl, I feel proud and empowered to be an Ann Summers Ambassador.


What was it like shooting the campaign? Any highlights?

CHLOE: Shooting this campaign was AMAZING! The Ann Summers team and our #girlsquad are a dream to work with, so much positivity! It’s so refreshing seeing such a huge brand that supports all women as well as one that loves individual styles and uniqueness.

JADE: The highlights were meeting all the other girls; all being able to represent something different. The constant smiles on our faces were beautiful and money can’t buy moments like that.

YASMINE: I adored shooting for Ann summers as I was surrounded by amazing people, I had so much fun with the girls and Vicky! Never felt so at ease and comfortable on a shoot before.


How does Ann Summers lingerie and fashion pieces make you feel?

JADE: I really felt like myself but stronger. I felt like a woman but I also kept my unique style while wearing them which is everything I dream of when working with a brand.

FELICITY: Sexy, strong and confident!

YASMINE: They make me feel cool and sexy – I was blown away by the edgier pieces like the lace up trousers and mesh bodysuits! I wanted everything.


What do you think of the collection?

CHLOE: I can’t wait to get my hands on the new collection. Very summer ready, its also perfect for anyone that struggles with the lingerie/fashion combo as it’s so flattering and easy to style.

FELICITY: It’s super fun, I love the fact there are so many pieces that can be worn in the bedroom but also out at a party.

JADE: The collection is edgy and on trend especially the wet look pieces, corsets and lace up body suits. I love wearing my pieces both in the day and at night.

YASMINE: I honestly really love the collection; I’m so happy Ann summers have stepped up the game with their pieces as I know girls are going to go crazy over them including myself! Those little knit bustier tops were my favourite!


Wearing underwear as outerwear can be difficult. What are you top tips on how to style up lingerie?

JADE: I love anything sporty and currently love rocking that juxtaposition of jogging bottoms with bra tops or lace bodysuits.

You really have to do it in your own way and take risks because life is way too short to do what everyone else is doing.

CHLOE: Yes! Confidence is everything when styling Lingerie as outerwear, maybe start off with a high strappy bra/ bralet that shows above your top like a harness. Or for the daring just the bralet with something high waisted or a sheer top, I like to double up my bralets as layering is also key here.

FELICITY: If you are too scared to be as bold as to just wear it out, layer it up. Pop a t-shirt underneath a bralet and throw a leather jacket on top.

YASMINE: Always pair with high waisted jeans as it gives a nice balance between sexy and casual so it’s not too in your face. Top Tip: always make sure to have some nipple covers in case they’re see through, helps with nip slips

DAINA: The collection makes it very easy in my opinion, my tips would be to expose just enough skin, not too much. A corset with jeans is always cute but if wearing a bra maybe where high wasted jeans or trousers so it’s just enough.


Describe your style in 3 words

JADE: Edgy, 90s and sexy

CHLOE: Glamour, Vintage, Personal

FELICITY: 90s Hollywood Diva

DAINA: urban, high fashion, chill

YASMINE: Feminine, edgy, fun


What advice would you give somebody who has been on the receiving end of body shaming?

JADE: Body shaming is something almost all of us experience and fundamentally It’s all about being a strong person and focusing more on the real than the unrealistic ideal. The things I once hated only make me more me and when you finally accept them you will find so much freedom.

CHLOE: Sadly, for most women we all at some point are judged and body shamed by someone and even by ourselves in this society. My main advice will always be to try and try again to love your body, every flaw makes you unique and special.

FELICITY: Just remember we were all born different and that is what makes us so beautiful and unique. People who often body shame are in a negative space with their body, don’t let that negativity effect your mindset.

DAINA: life is too short to not dress cute because of someones opinion. they’re jealous you’re embracing the body you have so let them be and stunt on them.

YASMINE: Don’t listen to it, people can be small minded… their opinion doesn’t matter as long as you feel good! People will always have something to say so you might as well block out the haters and do you!


What do you like most about your body?

JADE: I like my bum, even with my stretch marks. The amount of love I get when people see them on images is beautiful. I couldn’t care less about the people who find them unattractive because my only aim is to make the people who have them feel proud and confident too.

FELICITY: My stretchmarks, they are a powerful message of how I have grown as a woman.

CHLOE: My smile.

DAINA: I have a love and hate relationship with my legs; I love them because they’re long and a perfect thigh to calf ratio for me but then I hate that they’re so long sometimes because its hard finding jeans that aren’t ankle swingers!

YASMINE: My skin tone. I like being able to naturally tan it makes me feel so much better about myself and how I look in clothes.


Why is it important (in your opinion) for women to feel sexy for themselves and not for anyone else?

JADE: Because we’re our biggest critics and mental health is very serious. I’m finally happy with my body and it’s so empowering to feel sexy in my own company and mind rather than trying to impress everyone else.

CHLOE: It’s important to allow yourself to feel sexy and treat yourself to your favourite lingerie pieces, reminding yourself everyday that it is okay to love your body.

FELICITY: Finding self love is something that has come first before we let others adore it.

DAINA: When you feel sexy for yourself the opinions of everyone else don’t matter and that the best feeling in the world. When you feel sexy your confidence commands attention and it’s empowering

YASMINE: Because feeling good for yourself is what’s most important, all women should feel sexy and confident in themselves especially with the generation we live in today can sometimes make us feel pressured into feeling like we aren’t perfect. But you are perfect and the more you build up your confidence within yourself the sexier you are.


What makes you feel body confident and unapologetically you?”

JADE: My confidence comes from my skin and finally accepting my natural identity as a beautiful black woman. On top of that I love my tattoos and how they represent me as an individual. I’m still me without them but my uniqueness gives me confidence.

CHLOE: Being ourselves isn’t always easy, women are constantly being compared with each other and with what a ‘perfect’ body should look like.
I have learnt to love being different and to embrace those differences as a part of my style.

FELICITY: Wearing an outfit that others deem wouldn’t suit me because of my “shape” and walking down the street owning it like a boss.

DAINA: Finding those right jeans or that right dress that just compliments every inch of my body makes me feel super confident, and pulling off outfits no one would imagine could work. There’s a Michael Jackson quote I live by which says “if fashion forbids it, i’m going to do it” – wearing forbidden fashion makes me confident all day.

YASMINE: Certain styles of clothing give me that body confidence boost, I think that’s why I love fashion so much, I love how it makes me feel.

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Love Team AS.x