Shall we talk? Throwing it back to those awkward conversations and school lessons that were supposed to give us the scoop on puberty, sex and all to come. A solid sex ed’ curriculum can set you in good stead but unfortunately, we’ve all been left feeling like we needed a little more honest info.

This is Ann Summers sex ed’ – class in session.



When you’re learning about the birds and the bees, foreplay seems to take a back seat. Could we not have had a quick 5-minutes on how sex is so much better when you’ve put in the groundwork? How much more likely you are to orgasm?… or how it feels so damn good?! Any teachers out there, take note. Foreplay makes sex even better – being close to orgasm before you even begin means that you have a much greater chance of getting there when you’re getting down.



If your sex ed’ was lacking, you may have taken yourself off to do a little investigating of your own. Porn makes sex seem so unrealistic for the most part. For a less experienced mind, the expectation that you’ll orgasm in seconds and moan and groan in sheer ecstasy throughout can make for a harsh bump back to earth when you eventually get down to business. If you’re here to learn – porn tells lies, fact. The best sex is sweaty and intense and passionate – not the kind of quickie you’ll see on screen. Don’t worry about your angles or how you’re looking, focus on your pleasure.


Fanny farts, queefs, whatever you want to call them, they happen. It’s a fact of life, or rather anatomy. They get less embarrassing as you get older – we promise. Air gets pushed up your vagina during intercourse or foreplay and sometimes it makes a noise when it makes its way out. There’s nothing we can do to stop this (although you might find you’re more prone to it in certain positions).


Teen years have a habit of making us cringe over things that later turn out to be totally normal. Period sex is one of those.

Still not sold?

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Shall we talk about those mood swings? We get it, we need to encourage young women to take responsibility for their contraception but lets just lay out the facts. Contraception can be tricky… worth it… but tricky. Teenage years can be a process of trial and error with different pills, injections, implants and non-hormonal options. Some will have nasty side effects but don’t lose hope, something will work for you. Good sex is ALWAYS safe sex.


Is it hometime yet? We’re ready for the practical.

Love Team AS.x