Erotic Fiction

It's official - erotica is big news. Take a look at our top picks for what to read next...


With erotic novels filling the best sellers' lists and cropping up on bus journeys and in staff rooms, one thing's for sure - erotica is big news. Not sure what to read next? Take one of our best erotic fiction picks to bed...

- ANNE RICE (1983)

If you like your erotic books with a good dose of fantasy, you can rely on gothic fiction queen Anne Rice. (Very) loosely based on the fairytale, this seriously kinky BDSM trilogy follows Beauty's explicitly sexual adventures in a medieval fantasy world, romping through orgies and plenty of sadomasochism. Not quite the fairytale that may have once sent you to sleep, the Sleeping Beauty Trilogy is revered by erotica lovers as the height of fiction-based filth. Not for the faint hearted...

- JOEY W HILL (2004)

The novel follows mysterious alpha male Mac Nighthorse, a respected homicide detective (and despite the name, not a porn star.) While investigating a series of murders connected to a BDSM club, Mac meets Mistress Violet. Secretly a submissive himself, the two investigate the murders and engage in dominant/submissive play, with an interesting focus on the psychology behind BDSM. A suspense crime thriller-meets-erotica, it's dark, gripping and utterly kinky.

- JANE LITTE (2011)

For the erotic fiction curious, Jane Litte's anthology of short stories is one of the most diverse collections of smut you can find. Perfect for expanding your horizons, the short erotic stories range from fantasy and historical to BDSM, divided into 'Agony' and 'Ecstasy' themes. Written by a variety of best-selling erotic book authors including Ann Calhoun, each is short, snappy and ideal for a quick read to get you in the mood.

- SYLVIA DAY (2012)

A twenty-something girl and an emotionally unavailable hunk? Yes please. Ffollos New York newbie Eva Tramell as she falls - literally, at times - for the sexy, rich and dominant Gideon Cross. Each determined to overcome the demons of their past, Eva and Gideon's scorching chemistry leads to an increasingly intense relationship and plenty of hot sex scenes.


Sexy, intense and just a little bit dark, erotic romance On Dublin Street takes place on the rainy streets of Edinburgh, following American-in-Scotland Jocelyn Butler escaping a tragic past to start her life anew. Finding herself quickly drawn to macho Scotsman Braden, their sizzling chemistry develops into a no-strings-attached affair, with scorching hot sex scenes and intense romance. Low on kink and high on emotional drama.

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