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All of our specially selected couples sex toys are designed to help you and your partner enhance and improve your sex life, resulting in unforgettable pleasure and sensual intimacy. From cock rings and vibrating eggs to dildos and sexy bundles, all of our sex toys for couples are perfect for exploring new realms of pleasure in the bedroom.

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72 Results
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  • £40.00


    Build the tension, play nicely and come together... 


    The Moregasm Cock Ring is a stretchy silicone ring designed to keep him harder for longer, while the extended silicone base sends earth-shattering vibrations to drive you both wild. Small but mighty, the cock ring is equipped with 3 vibration settings and 3 pulse settings.


    The ring features luxuriously soft silicone that warms to your body temperature. It’s fully waterproof, easy to use and rechargeable, and comes complete with a USB charger.





    What is Climax Technology?


    Moregasm uses Climax Technology developed exclusively by Ann Summers’ experts. A brand new kind of motor, the technology works by sending powerful, low-frequency waves of vibrations deep into your body. The vibrations travel further to reach over 15,000 nerve endings – TWICE as many as any other vibe on the market – triggering your most powerful, intense climax ever...






    Top tips


    • Use Liquid Satin Lube with your cock ring for a comfortable fit and amazing feel.

    • Take control and slide on top so you can find the position where the vibrations really hit the spot.

    • When you’re close to climax, change vibration settings to prolong and intensify your orgasm.






    We’re so confident that your Moregasm toy will give you your best orgasm ever, that we’ve put our money where our mouth is - we’ll give you a full refund if you’re not deeply satisfied.


    You’ve got nothing to lose but a whole lot of Moregasm to gain...

  • £10.00 was £20.00

    Get hours of solo satisfaction with our Rose Gold Mini Vibrator. This mini marvel is a perfect choice for first-timers and powerful enough for vibe pros, in a gorgeous rose gold and pink design.


    Small, portable and totally waterproof, the Rose Gold has 10 ultra-powerful vibration functions, with 3 speeds and 7 pulses to play with. The ergonomic design lets you cup it in your hand and enjoy during foreplay, sex or solo play.


    To turn off, simply hold down the button for 3 seconds.

  • £100.00
    Free Lelo Moisturiser added at Checkout
    This is the incredible LELO Lyla 2, the perfect sex toy for couples who want to add a bit of adventure into the bedroom!


    The LELO Lyla 2 is a traditional vibrating egg, but with a big difference: it's remote controlled, and can be operated via simple movements applied to its ultra discreet controller. The controller is a round, silicone disk that can be used for a long, sensuous massage, as well as with the vibrating egg for truly satisfying pleasure.


    This disk uses SenseMotion technology, taking away the need for buttons – the vibrator moves as you move. For example, a small flick of the wrist could trigger a new orgasmic vibrating pattern. It also has a 3 times greater range than all other wireless massagers.

  • £20.00

    This vibrating cock ring is a customer favourite – and there’s a good reason it’s been a bestseller for years!


    Super simple but effective, this couple’s ring is designed to make sex better for both of you. Now even stretchier, the textured ring keeps him harder for longer, while the vibrating clit stim targets her clit at the same time for longer, better orgasms.


    The vibe has powerful, multispeed vibrations that send waves of pleasure through both of you. Best of all, the vibrations are controlled using a clever remote control, meaning no fumbling around in the heat of the moment. Keep the controller to yourself or hand it to your partner, the choice is yours... 

  • £25.00

    The Sexpander is a seriously versatile sex toy you need in your naughty drawer.


    Designed to give you 3 toys in 1, this multifunctional toy lets you get creative with how you use it. Slip it over any dildo to transform it into a dual-pleasure vibrator, or alternatively wear it on your finger or use on your man as a cock ring – get adventurous!


    The stretchy, flexible extension comes with 2 mini bullets that slip into each end, designed to give you simultaneous clitoral and G-spot stimulation. The bumpy, textured tip is extra stimulating for your clit. The Sexpander is totally waterproof for play anywhere, and comes in body-safe, phthalate-free silicone.

  • £37.00

    Turn your man into a walking, talking Rampant Rabbit with our Rampant Rabbit Cock Ring! We've listened to your feedback on everything you love about the original, and made it even better...


    The Rampant Rabbit Cock Ring is now even stretchier for better comfort, with soft and flexible ears that give the same pleasurable flutter you get from our original Rabbits.  Plus, The Cock Ring is now rechargeable, meaning stronger vibrations, a quieter motor and no more hunting for batteries!



    How to use


    The Cock Ring makes him harder for longer, and provides her with direct clitoral stimulation during sex. It can also be used for guys during solo play! Use plenty of lube and slide the ring down to the base of his cock, and try it with her on top for maximum contact with her clit.


    There are 7 vibration functions to choose from, all easily controlled in the heat of the moment. The Cock Ring comes in super soft, body-safe silicone, and we recommend using our Buzz Fresh Wipes to keep it looking brand new.

  • £12.00

    This seriously stimulating cock ring will spice things up for both of you... 

    The Excite Cock Ring comes with a soft, stretchy ring designed to make him harder for longer – meaning better orgasms for both of you! The textured bullet is designed for direct clitoral contact during sex, and you can both enjoy the buzz of the single, powerful vibration speed.

  • £45.00

    This vibrating egg is perfect for couples looking for exciting new thrills...


    Whether you’re taking control of the remote or handing it over to a partner, you can enjoy powerful vibrations at the touch of a button. And if that wasn’t enough, the stylish remote vibrates too, which means you get 2 toys in 1! Use the remote all over, on your clit or his shaft to get you both going.


    Take it out in public if you dare – the remote can be controlled from 10 meters away, making it perfect for spicing up your love life, wherever you are. The egg’s shell has a soft coating for added comfort. It’s also stylish, easy to clean and totally body safe.

  • £35.00

    This realistic vibrating strap-on dildo is the Lovers Lust, and it's perfect for spicing up your sex life.


    With an adjustable strap and silky smooth shaft, it's an absolute must-have for couples who like to explore sexual role reversal. The dildo is six inches in length, making it perfect for beginners, with a flexible, subtly curved shaft.


    The dildo comes with a six vibrating settings controlled with a handy control pad. The PU harness and adjustable straps are designed for extra support and comfort so you can relax and enjoy.

  • £27.00

    Our Vibrating Jiggle Balls are clever little multitaskers, combining kegel exercises with ultra-stimulating vibrations!


    The set includes two pairs of jiggle balls that are weighted differently. One pair vibrates and the other doesn’t, so you can select your desired pair and place them in the silicone sling for easy and hygienic insertion.


    The Vibrating Jiggle Balls let you develop your pelvic floor muscles for an effective vaginal workout. If you fancy something extra, the vibrating pair has an easy twist control for powerful single-speed vibration and even better pleasure. In soft silicone, they’re also body-safe and easy to keep clean.

  • £3.00

    Simple yet effective, no well-dressed gentleman should be without this Classic Cock Ring... 


    Cock rings are designed to help men stay harder for longer, delaying his orgasm to result in better sex – for both of you. This basic, clear cock ring is the perfect place to start. Seriously stretchy, it fits most men and sits at the base of the penis. Cock rings should fit snugly without feeling uncomfortable – use lube when applying for better pleasure.

  • £16.00

    This customer favourite has had a hot new makeover...

    With a bull's nose, horns and mouth, this is a vibrating cock ring with a difference. The stretchy, jelly material fits snugly but comfortably, making him harder for longer. The vibrating bullet feels incredible against her clit during sex – resulting in sensational simultaneous orgasms...