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Sex Toys New Arrivals

If you're looking for or all the latest sex toys to hit the Ann Summers site, then look no further. Here you'll find the latest adults toys for men, women and couples, including the most recently added dildos, cock rings and vibrators. And with brand new and exciting sex toys added frequently, you'll always find new ways to heighten your pleasure. We’re always upping our game so try out our new sex toys and find out exactly what’s good.

59 Results
59 Results
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  • £34.99
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    Discover all of the partners that you need with the Feranti Mini Mates Fantasy Set. 3 incredible attachments spoil you with orgasms of depth and intensity. 
    Powered by the 10 function RO-120mm vibrator, add the silicone attachment with the right skills for your deep needs. The vibrator has added insertable length and girth to caress, stroke and plunge your passions.
    FAB is a g-spot stimulator for powerful g-spot orgasms. Fever heats up those nights between the sheets with its soft pinpoint cover for dramatic clitoral orgasms.
    Disco offers you multiple sensations from its ribbed texture as you push and plunge your way to ecstasy.
    All 3 attachments are made from body-safe silicone that is soft on your skin and easy to clean. Take the whole set to the bath or shower and enjoy a long, rewarding soak: all items are 100% waterproof and fully submersible.
    For an array of ways to please your partner in a simple gift set, or the ultimate night in on your own, choose Feranti Mini Mates Fantasy Set.

  • £24.99
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    Power up your foreplay and intimate moments with the Feranti Couples Fun "Teaz N Pleaz" Set. This sex toy set is an ideal gift to spice up a trip away, or make a special day last long into the early hours.

    Two silicone attachments are powered by the world's number one bullet vibrator. Take each other's passions through 7 sinful speeds from an easy to use single button.  You can attach Finger Tingles during foreplay to turn your finger into a powerful vibrator, and deliver exciting sensations with every touch.

    To raise pulsing orgasms when you're in the heat of the moment, attach 4US, a vibrating cock ring and clitoral stimulator that keeps him harder for longer whilst pushing deep into her clit for explosive sensations.

    For a present that you won't mind sharing again and again again, choose Feranti Couples Fun "Teaze N Pleaz" Gift Set.

  • £27.99
    10% off at Checkout

    Give your relationship the intimacy boost it deserves with the Feranti His & Hers Pleasure Set. Both of you can lead each other to heart-pounding orgasms with the help of this 3 piece sex toy set.

    You get three sex toys in one: the powerful 7-speed RO-80mm bullet vibrator for intense pinpoint clitoral stimulation, and tantalising hot spots over your body. This powers the Ramsey Rabbit: a soft silicone rabbit vibrator with ears to tickle your clitoris into even greater bursts of euphoria. It also powers 4US: a vibrating silicone cock ring and clitoral stimulator ideal for couples. Wear it with the ridge facing upwards whilst you hold each other close to send each other's desires over the edge.

    Every item in the pleasure set is 100% waterproof so you can entertain each other in the bath or shower.

    Give them the surprise gift that will elevate the fun and passion on your special occasion. Choose the Feranti His & Hers Pleasure Set.

  • £39.99
    10% off at Checkout

    Ultimate pleasure for the seated lady. Ruby Glow is a non-penetrative, saddle-style sit-on vibrator and intimate massager for incredible clitoral stimulation. Good Housekeeping Magazine scored it 71/100, and it has made appearances on ITV's This Morning, and been featured in 'The Sun' newspaper for its unique design.

    It is ideal for seated thrills when you are writing emails, skyping a partner, reading erotic fiction, or it's a quiet day in the office. It is designed to be felt through thin underwear or a bikini. Ruby Glow is also ideal for those who have limited mobility.

    Simply place it on a chair, turn on its two motors and push against the clitoral ridge for incredible clitoral orgasms. Each motor has 10 speeds for you find your perfect route to pleasure. 

    To turn any moment you are seated into a lip-bitingly beautiful occasion, choose the Rocks-Off Ruby Glow.

  • £19.99
    10% off at Checkout

    Raise the heat between you and a partner with the Rocks Off 4US, a 7 function vibrating cock ring that sends her hip-shaking clitoral orgasms. It's seductively soft ergonomic shape is designed to leave both of you satisfied.

    The silicone cock ring can give the wearer larger, harder and prolonged erections. A soft ridge is shaped to target your partner's clitoris. Place it around the base of your penis, angle the ridge upwards and pull your partner in close so that you both revel in the intimate pulsations. Choose from 3 speeds and 4 pulsation settings to push each other to breath-taking erotic highs.

    4US is 100% waterproof for full-steam bath and shower sex, and is made of flexible silicone for a comfortable and sensual fit.

    For an unintimidating sex toy that gives both of you erotic kicks, choose the Rocks-Off 4US.

  • £29.99
    10% off at Checkout

    Caress and stimulate your cock, balls, perineum and prostate all at once with the Rocks-Off RO-Zen. This dual-action double cock ring and vibrating butt plug hits all 4 of your favourite erogenous zones to build powerful orgasms. 

    Stretch the strong silicone rings around your penis and balls for a harder, stronger and prolonged erection. The vibrating butt plug is tapered for smoother insertion and its base tantalises your highly sensitive nerve endings. Raised nodules massage your sensitive perineum to immerse you in erotic wonder.

    The design is made of smooth silicone to make it smooth on your skin and a more satisfying fit. 3 speeds and 4 pulsation settings can be adjusted in the middle of your sessions with a touch of its one button.

    To align your ideal pleasures and expand your understanding of satisfaction, choose RO-Zen.

  • £49.99
    10% off at Checkout

    Understand what makes being bad feel so good with the Rocks-Off Bad Boy: a 7 function vibrating prostate massager with added girth for fuller sensations. Added soothing perineum massage from its raised nodules pushes your pleasure higher.

    An angled head and flexible shaft helps you lead the prostate massager to prime position for insertion. Shudder with the intoxicating full feelings from its soft curves. Once inserted, rock back and forth on the massager to control the pressure on your prostate. This position lets you go hands-free to focus on your partner's hot spots for more intimate encounters.

    3 vibration speeds and 4 pulsation settings deliver a range of ways to reach bewildering prostate-assisted orgasms. It is 100% waterproof so you can push your limits in the bath or shower. Body-safe silicone makes it easy to clean and soft to the touch.

    Take your prostate massage to the next level of sensation with the Rocks-Off Bad-Boy.

  • £40.00
    10% off at Checkout

    Take your first steps to world-changing new sensations with the Rocks-Off O-Boy beginner's prostate massager. Its small and sleek features let you go at your own pace and touch the satisfaction throttle when you need it. A small angled head eases insertion, and a pleasing sphere stops it slipping out during your play.

    You can click through 3 speeds and 4 pulsation settings to find your ideal combination that will hit the spot. Its design lets you go hands-free so you can pleasure yourself or a partner for even greater intimacy.

    A bath or shower can be a more relaxing place to enjoy prostate massage, which is why O-Boy is 100% waterproof and fully submersible. For smoother insertion, it is made of soft body-safe silicone.

    For control and breath-taking satisfaction, choose Rocks-Off O-Boy.

    Tip: generously add a water-based anal lube to the sex toy and your intimate area for a more stimulating experience.

  • £49.99
    10% off at Checkout

    Discover wonderful sensations with the Rocks-Off Naughty-Boy, a 7 function vibrating prostate massager. It is also designed to arouse your perineum for powerful dual sensations. It is ideal for those new to prostate massage with its slim body and soft curves.

    You can experience 3 vibration speeds and 4 pulsation settings to take your prostate play to orgasmic new heights. Its design allows you to use it hands-free, just insert it and rock back and forth for greater control of your pleasure ride.

    A soft body-safe silicone design feels sleek and smooth on your intimate areas. It is also 100% waterproof, letting you find satisfaction in the bath or shower. 

    To feel seductive sensations that ease you into a new world of pleasures, choose the Rocks-Off Naughty-Boy.

  • £29.99
    10% off at Checkout

    Power up your pleasure with the Rocks-Off Ignition: a powerful gold, USB rechargeable bullet vibrator for mind-blowing orgasms. Target your intimate zones with the precision of its tapered tip and let its smooth body caress your body to feel pure satisfaction.

    10 powerful functions are easy to control by a single button, offering you multiple ways to hit the spot. When you're urges are simmering, Ignition is USB rechargeable so it can be ready to go when you are. Enjoy full power sensation.

    Plunge waves of pleasure through your body when in the bath or shower; it is 100% waterproof and fully-submersible.

    Ignition replaces the bullet in Rocks-Off sex toys that are powered by the RO-80mm to turn them into USB rechargeable super-satisfaction machines.

    Experience full-sensations on full-power with Ignition.

  • £35.00
    20% off at checkout

    The most sensational, solo pleasure; with 7 inch insertable length and a deliciously tight 3.25 inch girth, the Ann Summers exclusive, Elysium accommodates all sized with a firm, satisfying grip.  The reusable, easy clean design comes in a real feel material and is complete with anatomical, vaginal opening and heavily ribbed interior. The varying suction levels range from deeply and forceful to light and teasing.

    Lube up, slide in. 

  • £18.00
    20% off at checkout

    The Textured Teaser

    Get your Body Buzzin’.

    With targeted vibrations and a textured head, this toy delivers vibrations that really hit the spot. For use on your clitoris or nipples, the flexible, Textured Teasers provide a naughty and novel way to find your Oh’s.