Ann Summers' A-Z of Sex Toys

A-Z of Sex Toys

Everything you ever wanted to know about sex toys, but were too afraid to ask… welcome to Ann Summers' Sex Toy Dictionary. From Anal Beads to Zip-Up Bags, and everything in between, we've got you covered. Whether you're a sex toy apprentice, an adventurous couple, or a downright addict, we're sure there'll be something you've never tried before. So dive in, and discover exactly what's out there to get you off.



Anal Beads – A string of beads on a flexible cord. Gently insert them – we're sure we don't need to tell you where. They'll feel incredible when they're in, but even better when you pull them out – especially if you time it exactly right, when you climax. Beginner varieties start small and get bigger, which means they're great as a first-time anal toy, but bigger beads and vibrating options are available for anal play addicts.

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Anal Douche – It's all about hygiene. If you're into anal, then a douche is an absolute essential. Fill the squeezable bulb with lukewarm water, lube up and insert the nozzle into your anus, and have a good clean out about an hour before you get down to business. Take it slow, make sure you're comfortable, and you'll be ready to go. Simple and cleansing.

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Anal Lubricant – Fact for you: your bum does not produce a natural lubricant, so you'll need to lube up for maximum safety – and pleasure. Anal lubricants can differ a little from other kinds because they are generally thicker and sometimes contain muscle relaxants.

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Prostate Massager – Another one for the boys – whether it's a solo mission, or kinky couples exploring anal play. A prostate massager is a perfectly-sculpted toy that simultaneously massages both the perineum and the G spot with incredible impact. Delivering an unbelievable experience, some styles also include mind-blowing vibration settings. Be sure to lube up and be ready for the climax of your life with this bad boy.

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Bullet Vibrator – Ideal for a first-time sex toy, but it'll be your best friend for life. Bullet vibrators are tiny vibes designed for external use – they send targeted vibrations and a buzz to your clit like never before. But don't let that limit you – try them anywhere you're in need of some good vibes, on your body or your partner's. You can get them in plenty of shapes and sizes, with a huge range of vibration powers and noise levels, so you'll definitely be able to find your perfect bullet.

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Cock Ring – Cock rings keep him harder for longer. They restrict bloodflow just enough to keep it where it's most needed, and it all means longer, better sex. Stretchy and firmer variations are available, with the stretchy option probably better for beginners. Vibrating versions are waiting for when you're ready to take it to the next step – you'll find more on that in our 'Vibrating' section below.

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Vibrating Cock Ring – Vibrating cock rings fit just like regular rings, except – you guessed it – they vibrate. By sending a constant buzz down his cock, these toys are built for two. For him – a vibrating sensation that'll keep him harder for longer. For her – hit new heights as he vibes against your clit.

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Dildo – Dildos are a sex toy classic and where it all began. Available in all shapes and sizes from the realistic look, shapely silicone shafts to vibrating versions and strap-on varieties, they are a goody drawer essential for riding solo or playing together.

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Double-Ended Dildo – Take a ride on a dildo made for two. It's just what it sounds like – a (much) longer dildo with two cock-shaped ends, rather than a base or balls, allowing for simultaneous penetration and pleasure, for straight and same-sex couples alike.

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Double Penetration Dildo – Take a ride on a dildo made for two. It's just what it sounds like – a (much) longer dildo with two realistic shaped ends, allowing for simultaneous penetration and pleasure, for straight and same-sex couples alike.

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Double Penetration Extender – A double penetration dildo with a sleeve instead of a ring to enhance that manhood. Fitting over his shaft for extra length, girth, and textured sensations, the extender will make him last longer thanks to slightly reduced sensation. These are ideal for enjoying sex with erectile dysfunction, but are perfect for adventurous couples of all kinds.

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Glass Dildo – A dildo made of glass. Simple as that. Don't worry – they're tough and perfect for temperature play. Glass dildos retain heat when warmed in hot water, or leave in the fridge to cool down before play time if you want to send chills down their spine...

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Strap-On Dildo – A harness worn around the waist, with a ring for a dildo to be attached. Some will come with a dildo included, but some will just be the harness which allows you to swap in different styles. When used by a woman to anally penetrate a man – whether it's a display of dominance or affection – it's called "pegging". Every day's a school day.

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See also: Harnesses.

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Electrical Stimulation – Erotic electro-stimulation, or e-stim, is for those sex toy adventurers in search of a serious buzz. Electrical stimulation is applied through specialized sex toys, or more directly through pads, straps or loops attached directly to the skin. E-stim will take you through deep, pulsing waves of extreme pleasure to irresistible pain, so start slowly and make sure you're playing safe –it's definitely not for the faint of heart.

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Fleshlight – This one's for the boys. Fleshlight is a brand name for a popular type of male masturbator, designed as a flashlight (get it?) so it's nice and discreet for when you leave it lying around. A Fleshlight is a soft, moulded, and internally textured sleeve designed to look and feel like a vagina – though you can also get mouth and anal varieties. Is it as good as the real thing? You can be the judge of that, though we think you'll be impressed...

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See also: Male Masturbators

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G-Spot Vibrator - An internal shaft vibrator with a twist – quite literally. Gently curved to hit the spot – again, completely literally. The "G-spot" is short for the Gräfenberg spot, named because it was discovered by a distinctly kinky German scientist called Ernst Gräfenberg. Good work, Ernst. It can be found usually between two and three inches up the vagina in women, and anally in men. Hit it just right, and it'll mean amazing orgasms. Definitely one to explore and the spot a lot of toys are designed to target.

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The essential accessory for strap-on play. Some strap-ons come fully assembled, but an adjustable harnesses fits most dildos allowing you to change it up. Worn around the waist and under your legs, a harness is perfect for reversing gender roles one thrust at a time.

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See also: Dildos

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Remote-Controlled Vibrator – Whether you're looking for some hands-free clit stimulation, or want to turn on your lover at the click of a button, a Remote-Controlled vibe is where it's at. Perfect for kinky outdoor adventures – just try and keep your composure. Usually these come in the Love Egg style (see above), but there are other options available too.

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Jiggle Balls – These go by many names. Jiggle balls, Ben Wa balls, Kegel balls, orgasm balls, and plenty more. But whatever the name, these usually take the shape of two balls, joined by a thin, flexible cord. The weighty little balls are worn internally, and exercise your vagina, strengthening your pelvic muscles. Forget leg day – this makes for a much more pleasurable workout, trust us.

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Sex Toy Kits – If you don't know where to start with the overwhelming array of sex toys available, sex toy sets are perfect for trying out a few different things. Some are designed for travel, for trying vibes or different materials, for clit stimulation, or for couples, whereas others are more elegantly-put-together gift sets ideal for a not-so-subtle hint that you want to try something new.

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Egg Vibrator – Otherwise known as a Love Egg, although they're not always egg-shaped. Egg vibrators are designed to either stimulate your clit, or be worn internally to hit your g-spot. But best of all, Love Eggs come with a remote control – so perfect for kinky couples looking for fun ways to relinquish control to player two.

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Male Masturbator – It's all in your hands, boys. These hand-held sleeves are uniquely shaped and textured to provide amazing sensations during masturbation for men. Fleshlights are a popular brand – see above – but there are loads of options, from the realistic "pocket pussy" to more abstract-looking designs. Great for when you're looking for some serious alone time.

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See also: Fleshlights.

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Nipple Clamps – Heightened sensitivity, submissive willingness and that kinky mixture of pleasure and pain – nipple clamps may only really have one use, but there's oh-so-many ways of interpreting it. Available in different materials, with vibrating options, and can be connected to each other with chains.

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Moregasm –Our Moregasm Contour range is the world's most powerful vibrator, developed by our very own sex toy experts. Low frequency waves ripple through your body from the intense pleasure centre, hitting 15,000 nerve endings throughout the body – nearly twice as many as the 8,000 in your clit, and over three times as many as the 4,000 in his cock. Moregasm will give you the deepest and longest climaxes you've ever had, and it's available in more ways than one. Choose from our Moregasm Rampant Rabbit, the Rabbit Ears Clit Stim, the Moregasm Cock Ring, or the Moregasm G Spot Vibrator. What's more, we're so confident they'll give you your best orgasm yet, we'll give you your money back if you don't!

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Penis Pump – The essential accessory for strap-on play. Some strap-ons come fully assembled, but an adjustable harnesses fits most dildos allowing you to change it up. Worn around the waist and under your legs, a harness is perfect for reversing gender roles one thrust at a time.

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Quiet Vibrators – Sometimes a loud buzz is just the sign of a good time. But for those who live in a shared house – whether it's flatmates or family – sometimes it's better to keep it down. Quiet vibrators, like the Loveheart Vibrator and the Rampant Rabbit Mighty One, still pack plenty of pleasure from strong vibrations, but with much less of a noisy buzz. The only sounds will be coming from you – and you're on your own with that.

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Rampant Rabbit –The game changed forever when we invented the Rampant Rabbit. It's our gift to the world and we sell one every 20 seconds. With over 25 years experience we continue to develop our bunnies, and with so many Rampant Rabbit designs to choose from it's no wonder it's the world's best selling sex toy. The Rampant Rabbit is unique because its specifically tailored to target the g-spot and the clitoris simultaneously, creating the Blended Orgasm; yes that's two orgasms in one! With a powerful shaft vibrator and rabbit ears to target vibes direct to your clit. So whether you want deep penetration, clitoral stimulation or both, the Rabbit is a girl's best friend. You're welcome.

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Sex Furniture –Exactly what it says on the tin, this one. Furniture that pushes sex to the limits, helping you hit those new positions for amazing sensations. Go deeper, faster and harder for longer, without straining muscles, or breaking the bed.

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Or another way to create fantastic new positions is the use of restraints, for example, the Spreader Bar – Keep those legs spread. Attached to the ankles, spreader bars are great for playing with control and bondage. These bars go a long way when acting out your wildest fantasies. Spread the love.

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Metal Toys – Just like Glass dildos (see Dildos, above), metal toys react to temperature in an amazing way. They'll warm to your body temperature for a perfectly cosy experience, but the more adventurous should try heating or cooling the metal just enough to deliver unreal sensations. Just a little while in the fridge or a few minutes in warm water should be just enough…

Find the Rampant Rabbit Metal One.

To add more sensation, try our heat wave or cool tingling lubes – they work the same as regular lubricants, but warming and cooling lubes deliver teasing temperature sensations that increase arousal and heighten sensitivity – in very different ways, depending on which direction you choose.

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Want to turn your underwear into a sex toy? Then Panty Vibes are for you. The soft curves of panty vibes will target your clit, turning your underwear into a remote-controlled vibrator. Comfortable and quiet enough to wear out and about – though it might be best to avoid thin leggings.

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Vibrator – Ann Summers is the home of good vibes. Vibrators come in an array of styles, shapes and sizes, from bullets to Rampant Rabbits, cock rings, jiggle balls to magical Body Wands. Delivering powerful sensation to intensely stimulate you and deliver unparalleled orgasms - everyone needs to experience a good vibe. We're buzzin.

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Wand – The biggest, most powerful vibrators you're ever gonna find – are you ready for this kind of pleasure? Wands feature firm heads – usually in silicone or a firmer plastic – attached to a hefty handle with a flexible stem. Hit the spot, and it's just like magic. Wands were originally designed as body massagers, so they'll send intensive waves of amazing pleasure deep into your body, wherever you decide to use it.

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XL Toys – All your favourites, but even bigger. Get insertable lengths of seven inches or more with Mr Ben and friends, or take it to the next level with some of our larger rabbits – like the Rotating One. Why settle for less? Just check the product features of our toys to find the insertable length, and pick something that'll really hit the spot.

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Lubes – what's your flavour? Flavoured lubes are water-based lubricants that are totally compatible with all sex toys and condoms, with the added bonus of a mouth-watering flavour – from bubblegum to black cherry. Oral never tasted so good...welcome to the candy shop.

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Body Paint – Spread the pleasure – anywhere you want it. Edible body paint is perfect for adding a delicious twist to foreplay. It'll wash off easily when you're all full up, too.

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Bags – Zip-up bags are perfect for storing your sex toy of choice, along with some lube and cleaning wipes. Ideal for when you're on the move, as well as a far more stylish method of keeping toys out of sight than stuffing them in the drawer.

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