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162 Results
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    Our satin feel lube helps to heighten pleasure for mind-blowing sex. Perfect for use with sex toys and gentle on your skin, Liquid Satin contains Ann Summers' O blend, which has been developed to help enhance libido, intensify orgasm and increase sexual pleasure. It's safe for use with all condoms and toys, now in a chic new 100ml bottle.

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    Booty Relax is a unique blend of minty, cooling and relaxing ingredients specifically developed for anal sex. Containing Ann Summers' O Blend, Booty Relax has been developed to enhance libido, intensify orgasm and increase sexual pleasure. Now in a chic new 100ml bottle. 

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    Buzz Fresh Wipes are the best way to keep your toys hygienically clean and ready for action. Each wipe is completely toy-friendly and skin-friendly, which means that you can use them on yourself as well as your favourite toys. They're so quick and easy, you can keep them by your bed and never fall asleep without cleaning up again! 

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    This tingling lube cools the skin and helps heighten sensitivity and increase arousal. Cool Tingle contains Ann Summers' O Blend, which has been exclusively developed to help enhance libido, intensify orgasm and increase sexual pleasure. It's safe for use with all condoms and all your favourite toys, now in a chic new 100ml bottle. 

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    Heighten your orgasms and make stimulation sensational. Our Orgasm Gel tingles, teases and brings you to a tantalising climax… or ten. Designed to enhance clitoral sensation this gel is perfect for women who struggle to climax through intercourse alone. For solo stimulation or boosting your bedroom antics, this gel is 50ml of pure pleasure. 

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    This gorgeous little bag is the perfect thing for storing your Rabbits, toys and accessories discreetly and hygienically. The bag has a chic black patent finish that's easy to keep clean, with a rose gold zip and Rabbit icon. It's big enough to fit a full-size Rabbit but will still fit discreetly in your drawer - and it looks just like a makeup bag!


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    Powerful, long-lasting and exceptional value for money, pick up this 4 pack of Ultra Max AAA batteries and keep your toys buzzing harder, for longer! Check your toy's page to see which batteries you need, then make sure you stock up.


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    Light, smooth and silky, this classic Durex lube is a naughty drawer essential.


    A real sex essential, the Durex Play Feel Lube contains a special blend of ingredients to enhance your sex life. Water soluble and easily washed off, the lube is light, silky and never sticky. This long lasting 50ml bottle is perfect for travel, and safe for use with condoms and sex toys.  

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    Get fruity with these luscious flavoured Juicy Lubes! Perfect for enhancing oral pleasure for both of you, the lubes are body-safe, non-staining, condom compatible and won't harm your sex toys. With this set of 5, you can find your favourite flavour before you buy a bigger size! Flavours include Tutti Frutti, Cookie Dough, Raspberry, Candy Floss and Strawberry.


    Set includes 5 x 30ml bottles.

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    Couples who play together stay together.


    Slip on nothing but this silky smooth oil and give your partner a treat that they’ll never forget. Simply warm the oil in your hands and caress the areas you most desire. Become a sexy masseuse with this lightly fragranced oil and provide the perfect sensual foreplay. 

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    Now you can try our bestselling rubs in one fabulous set! Our Rub Tub Lube Set contains mini versions of our 3 top rubs to enhance up your foreplay. Containing 3 x 50ml tubs, they're the perfect size for a naughty weekend or trying before you buy a bigger tub.



    The set includes:


    - Pussy Rub: A mild warming massage cream to enhance sensitivity and orgasm.

    - Nipple Rub: The newest member of our rub family is a slippery silky foreplay gel for rubbing into nipples. It has a cooling zingy sensation and a sweet citrussy lickable flavour.

    - Cock Rub: A mild warming massage cream to enhance sensitivity and orgasm.

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    RelaXXX Anal Spray is designed to make anal exploration comfortable, easy and pleasurable.


    The spray lets you experiment with anal without worrying about discomfort. The spray works by relaxing the sphincter instead of numbing it, resulting in safer and more enjoyable play. And because it's a spray, RelaXXX is easier to apply than most lubes.