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Enjoy the glide with Pjur's sex enhancers and lubricants. With premium lubes offering warming and stimulating sensations, as well as toy lubes, anal lubes and cleansing products, shop the range, lube up, stay hard, and keep it clean even when you’re getting down and seriously dirty.

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13 Results
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  • £12.00

    Blended to help relax your muscles and prepare you for anal play, Pjur Analyse Me Glide is a must-have for all anal conoisseurs. Made from premium silicone, its safe to use with condoms and toys, and contains jojoba to soften the skin. Its also free from desensitising ingredients, ensuring sensational anal sex and masturbation every time you use it. Contains 100ml of long-lasting lube.

  • £11.00

    This is pjur Original, a lusciously smooth silicone lubricant. Pjur was the first company in the world to produce a silicone based lubricant, back in 1994, and this Original is directly descended from it.


    There's 100ml of silicone lube in this convenient bottle, and because it's so effective you'll use less and it will last longer. It's flavourless, odourless and incredibly kind to your skin, and can be used in conjunction with any other material (except silicone). It's safe with latex, rubber and any other material you care to mention, and you'll love how smooth it is.

  • £14.00

    The Pjur Superhero spray is a desensitising fluid thats applied directly to the penis to delay orgasm - so he can keep going and going for longer! It does this without lidocaine or benzocaine too, so its completely skin-friendly. Its also safe to use with condoms, and because its available in this convenient spray form, its really easy to use.

  • £9.00

    Woman Aqua is a water-based lubricant from one of the best lube manufacturers in the world: Pjur. Its everything you would hope for from a lube, and so much more - its slippery, clean and gently moisturising, with a silky soft texture. And because its water-based, its perfectly safe to use with condoms and silicone sex toys!


    Pjur Woman Aqua is ideal for sex and masturbation, as well as for women experiencing vaginal dryness caused by medication, stress or surgery. The skin-friendly formula ensures hassle-free enjoyment, however you use it - and with 100ml in the bottle, youll have plenty for days and weeks to come.

  • £14.00

    This incredible Anal Spray helps to enhance the pleasure of anal sex and masturbation by slightly numbing the area, without using lidocaine or benzocaine. It also helps to make skin more elastic and penetration easier and more pleasurable. Use this spray before sex or masturbation to enhance anal pleasure for you and your partner.

  • £15.00

    Make anal play more comfortable and pleasurable with Pjur's Backdoor Glide 100ml lubricant. The long-lasting lubricating properties of the silicone formula, combined with natural jojoba extracts, help to relax the area while making the skin soft and supple. It's also safe to use with condoms, great value and works well with the Pjur Backdoor Spray.

  • £11.00

    Formulated specifically with women in mind, pjur Woman is incredibly kind on your most intimate areas because it moisturises as it lubricates.Its a great personal lubricant for sex and masturbation, and it doubles up as a smooth massage fluid too! Includes 100ml of product.

  • £15.00

    Pjur Backdoor Spray is relaxing and soothing, making it a must-have for anyone who enjoys anal sex. The active ingredient makes the skin and tissue more elastic, and the addition of panthenol gives it its relaxing effect - without the use of lidocaine or benzocaine. Safe to use with condoms, it works perfectly with the Pjur Backdoor Glide lubricant.

  • £10.00

    Pjur develop some of the highest quality lubricants in the world, and this toy lube is one of their best. Specially blended to offer better, more pleasurable masturbation, Pjur Woman Toy Lube is thick, creamy and indulgent.


    This bottle contains 100ml of lube with a convenient and clean pump dispenser. It's of the highest possible quality and great value for money!


  • £9.00

    Pjur My Glide has been specifically blended for women to increase the pleasure of sex by gently and safely increasing the blood flow to your most intimate areas. With skin-safe, natural ingredients like ginseng, it helps to create a more sensitive, exhilarating sensation! It doesnt just tingle, though, Pjur My Glide also gently warms the skin for even more stimulation during masturbation or sex.

  • £14.00

    Pjur MySpray is a convenient 20ml spray that tingles and tantalises your sensitive nerve endings - giving you stimulating sensations and bigger, better orgasms. The special formula helps to improve blood flow around your most intimate areas, and because its from pjur its completely skin-friendly.

  • £7.50

    Pjur has developed the Med Clean spray to help you enjoy sex safely and cleanly. Its an alcohol free cleaning fluid thats as safe to use on your body as it is on your sex toys, making it a must-have for pleasure-seekers. This 100ml bottle is great value and super long-lasting.