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    Ann Summers Pink Jiggle Balls

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    • £15.00
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    Our Ann Summers Pink Jiggle Balls are perfect for discreet sexual stimulation, and a must-have for bigger, better orgasms!

    They’re comfortable, pleasurable, discreet and can be worn anywhere without anybody ever knowing. Wear them throughout the day for subtle sensations, then prepare for mind-blowing orgasms and new levels of pleasure during sex. Soft, smooth and totally flexible, these balls come with a handy ring puller for easy removal too.

    Made from silicone, they feel silky smooth and totally amazing, especially when used with water-based lube.


    We are TESTING CRAZY. We want you to love your toy as much as we do, so we test to lengths that our competitors don't.

    We are 100% MATERIAL SAFE. All our products are latex free, phthalate free and cadmium free - and we bring them to you right here, in the Pleasure Emporium.


    Info / Care

    Brand : Ann Summers

    Diameter : 1.5 inches

    Features : Waterproof

    Length : 5-7 inches

    Material : Silicone

    CNCEnabled : Y

    Product Type : Jiggle Balls



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    Ann Summers Pink Jiggle Balls 3.5 5 29 29
    They're great! I've used these twice now. The first time I used them I was in the shower and I must say walking up and down the stairs with them in is quite pleasurable. The second time I used them was with my partner and that was an amazing night. Overall I definitely recommend them! 21 August 2014
    They do what they say My husband bought these for me as he is away a lot. They are easy to use, but, I can only keep one in? Perhaps it's me. They do give me pleasure for a small amount of time, but do get uncomfortable after a while. I can hear them whilst doing my housework and wouldn't want to wear them in public. 16 July 2014
    Don't understand what all the fuss is about! Purchased this as the reviews made it seem like it should be something inpressive. I tried this once and it did nothing for me!! Another thing.. A lot of people say it's really noisy, I couldn't hear it at all even when walking around so that's one positive 17 June 2014
    Great product, would recommend for new users but not personally challenging enough A great product for new users of ben wa balls. Comfortable, easy to use and clean, large diameter makes them a good starter pair. I bought these in store along with other items as they were on sale at only £10 that day. I cannot say I was disappointed with the product as it does everything it should but personally I found they were too large and not heavy enough. I could wear them all day from day 1 with little to no effort but even so they did tone to some degree. I will be purchasing the 50 Shades balls now as these are the heaviest I can find at more than double the weight of these, in fact they are the heaviest I can find and have a smaller diameter for an added work out! I would definitely recommend these to new users! One point to make is that the packaging promises a lot more stimulation than this product is designed to produce. They are a muscle toner rather than a sex toy and while they may stimulate some ladies to some degree (and will definitely make you wet) they will not produce random orgasms in the supermarket! The feeling of fullness and awareness of your vagina is very pleasant and they can be used all sorts of ways during both foreplay and sex :) 16 May 2014
    They're okay Bought these hoping to enhance pleasure during sex and to make daily activities less samey. Read reviews and thought they would do the trick. Boyfriend certainly loves the idea of me wearing them but I think he gets more pleasure from them than I do. I have even worn them whilst on a horse! Certainly made for unusual sensations but not sure how pleasureable. Would I buy them again? I really don't know - they don't do so much for me but whispering in my mans ear that I have them in gets him going ;) Final thing, I thought they were a bit loud but perhaps I was just paranoid. 13 May 2014
    Nice and smooth I got my jiggle balls to see what they were like, I was amazed how easy they are to go about wearing them, there very comfortable and easy to insert, the ball moving about inside moves about and gives you a nice feeling heehee, my husband loves pulling them out when I'm done wearing them :-) 09 May 2014
    Great product These are great, there not too loud but you can hear them. Ideal for busy places and not the library. Great to put inside if you know you are going to hav sex as they definitely get you going. Not too big either which it good! I'd recommend!! 05 May 2014
    This product it great I bought the jingle balls and they are great they feel weird at first and then they are not uncomfortable at all 14 March 2014
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    Ann Summers Pink Jiggle Balls 3.5 5 29 29
    Very good, but so loud! Easy to use, but I found them quite loud, the boyfriend said he couldn't hear anything but it made me very conscious. Great for indoor fun though! 13 February 2014
    So loud!!! Don't buy this if you don't want people to know! I popped them in and had a little wander about, though they felt quite nice the noise was unbelievable! It sounded like I was farting as I walked along! Not the look I was going for, could wear them if you're going to a carnival but don't picture a secret saucy 50 shades moment at a dinner party if no one asks about why you are making weird noises it's simply because they think you letting out trumps as you walk around. Not very sexy. 11 December 2013
    Good but a bit loud Me and my friend bought these for its tightening quality. We have yet to experience the effects but have only just started to use them. The silicone on mine was slightly ripped upon opening which was disappointing but not too worrying. They are a bit noisy, I listened as my friend ran up the stairs and I could hear them inside her. I suppose they wouldn't be heard in loud situations like shopping but they are in quiet rooms. Not what you want if you're looking to be discreet. 06 December 2013
    Good AND Bad this product feels amazing and easy to insert and comfortable to wear however my concern is with the noise level I took them out mid outing as I could hear them. I inserted them fine without lube, only criticism is the sound ! look for another product to get the best experience first time. im looking for a new pair ! 13 October 2013
    Love them. These balls are fantastic. I usually put them in a few hours before I'm seeing my bf & they make me feel amazingly horny & so sexy. Walking around with them in with nobody else knowing except him is such a turn on, by the time he gets his hands on me I'm so wet he loves it. Nice to slip in when you're out for the night too & know you're gonna have sex later. Highly recommend, a much loved item in my naughty drawer. 23 August 2013
    waste of money don't waste your money on this product I bought it and used it once and threw it in a drawer. don't waste your money. dissapointed 07 August 2013
    Good but a little dissapointing I must admit I was expecting A LOT more from these as a product. They did provide stimulation and pelvic floor toning, but the stimulation for me could have been better. I agree with some of the other comments, as I did have moments where i felt that the jiggle balls were louder than would be expected, and my partner heard them too, but it wasnt all the time and not ridiculously loud, I did manage to wear them out and about, but the worrying took away some of the pleasure. Aside from this, after many times of wearing them, the silicone began to wear away in the middle section between the two balls which was dissapointing. Aside from this they are an overall good product, and I will be purchasing some more from ann summers, just better quality 15 July 2013
    Great for pelvic floor! Wore these to the gym, and made my workout very interesting! Would recommend as easy to insert, discreet and tones ur pelvic floor as well as being an unexpected surprise when carrying out day to day tasks.... 15 July 2013
    Amaze balls Love it.. Wanted to know what all this hype was about... Tried this morning.. Easy to insert... Very comfortable... Very stimulating... And very quiet surprisingly... All in all.. Am getting very turned on.. Great value and great toy!!! 26 May 2013
    Very Nice! First of all I need to point out that these are best used with Ann Summer's Liquid Satin lube. Absolutely FAB experience! The first few times I put them in they were rather loud - ie, loud enough for other people to hear them. Recently I've noticed they've stopped making noise altogether. Not sure if that's to do with the inner muscles having strengthened to hold them in better? Needless to say I went shopping with them in and didn't make a peep! I'm browsing other jiggleballs now to add to my collection ;) 13 December 2012
    VERY LOUD! i was really excited to try these out but i wish i never had now, very noisy you could hear everything my fiancee found them very amusing while i walked round the house and they were very uncomfortable i used them a fair few times because i thought i must be placing them incorrectly but no they just weren't anything i expected. 20 November 2012
    Exellent product Good product, amazing orgasm. New to these but amazing 25 October 2012
    Sounds like Rudolph is coming with this jiggling These are very loud u can hear them over my children when I'm walking about, the only thing these are good for is ur pelvic floors nothing else even once taken out it all the same still, these are very expensive for something that don't work 22 October 2012
    not as good as they sound influenced by 50 shades i perchaced this item, when i tried it out with my partner i found they were a huge, expencive let down, there was very little sensation and they were noisy. wish i hadnt wasted my money. 11 October 2012
    Not what I was expecting Having read the 50 shades books, I was wondering how exactly these 'balls' work, and I figured for this price why not find out. Well, gotta say, I did feel very self conscious given reviews saying you can hear them jingling, but I'd told a couple girls at work and neither of them heard me jingling. You do get a good pelvic floor workout without even trying, and driving can be interesting as can bending down. For me though the highlight 'came' after I took them out and settled down with my latest vibrator and clit stim. OMG I have never had an orgasm like it before. Definitely worth the money, and girls, if you know your gonna get some kind of attention, pop the balls in for a couple hours beforehand and take em out just before the other half gets their hands on you and you'll make them think they're a total sex god!!! And you'll have a great time too 02 October 2012
    wow!!! These exceeded my expectations small and discreate packaging. took the balls added some lube and put them in place,very comfortable once in place, at first whilst working around you feal they are there they are very quiet the longer you keep them in the more intense it becomes these balls really turn you on the longer you have them in for the hornier you become the more i want my husband a very good purchase i would reccomend. .....deffinatly a toy for couples! ! 22 September 2012
    An unexpected surprise! Jiggle Balls completely exceeded my expectations. I've finally found the motivation to walk up and down the stairs. Walking around in a public place with nobody knowing your little secret is such a turn on too! 30 August 2012
    not all that i've had them in since i got up,they feel good in.but they have'nt increased my libido much at all.suppose theyd be good if you had a night alone with your partner planned.i was expecting them to be really loud after reading the reviews for the blue ones.but i dont think there that loud,there okay.but dont think there worth £18 28 August 2012
    Feel great - sound ridiculous! Overall, I would recommend the jiggle balls as they do feel good inside and are surprisingly comfortable. However, they are not discreet at all! You can hear the balls knock against each other (there is a smaller ball within the two balls) when you walk or move around. I would be too self consicous to wear them in public, just in case some one heard and I don't really think they are worth nearly £20. But, if rating just for pleasure then they get my vote. 27 August 2012
    noisy, not discreet Disappointed. They are comfortable when inside. Theres basically 4 balls, one within another to make the vibration when you move. i put them in and could hear the inner balls jiggling, the inner ones must be metal. it was loud so the only place i could use them is when i go out somewhere noisy ie pubs and clubs. If you use them walkng around the house then people will hear them. I am yet to go out for a night out so cannot comment about how they feel but will post again to review then. 17 August 2012
    In all day and smiling! What more apart from my caption can i say just looking forward to this evening!!!!!!! Great present for someone close i would say! 02 August 2012