A Guide To Lingerie Styles

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It's what's underneath that counts, so trust the lingerie experts at Ann Summers to ensure you get the effect you want - every single time. From bras to briefs, suspender belts to camis - and satisfying every style from 'everyday' to exhibitionist - it's time to become a lingerie pro.

Bras - Everyday Styles

First up, the essential bra styles you need for everyday wear, to make sure you look anything but. So boost, smooth, create cleavage, and conquer those tricky necklines:

Balcony (aka Balconette) Bras

  • Push the breasts upwards, supporting them like a balcony from underneath.
  • Give plenty of lift for a full, rounded look.
  • Perfect for… low-cut tops and dresses with straight (rather than plunging) necklines, because the coverage is limited to the lower half of the bra.
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Plunge Bras

  • Push the breasts together for a great cleavage.
  • Padded and underwired plunge bras give a fuller cleavage and extra lift. Want more? Triple Boost and Extreme Boost bras take your cleavage to the max.
  • Perfect for… low cut tops and dresses. Want to wear a seriously low-cut neckline? Look for deep-plunge or U-plunge bras, where the centre of bra dips down to stay out of sight.
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Padded T-shirt Bras

  • Give a smooth, seamless finish
  • Provide lift, support, and a great shape without any raised detailing that would be visible under clothing.
  • Perfect for… fitted tops, shirts and dresses and, you know, T-shirts…
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Multiway/strapless Bras

  • Feature moveable and removable straps for maximum versatility.
  • Designed to stay in place and support you when worn in a variety of styles, including strapless looks. Want a real boost without straps? Opt for a strapless bra with push-up padding.
  • Perfect for… strapless tops or awkward necklines - think halter neck and Bardot styles.
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Demi Bras

  • Feature cups that provide less coverage than full-cup bras, usually only just covering the nipple.
  • Thanks to the structure, the breasts are still supported and boosted from underneath - for a lifted effect with more of the breasts on show.
  • Perfect for… low-cut tops and dresses with straight necklines (rather than plunge). Demi bras also give you a less structured cleavage, so you get a more natural-looking fullness than you would with bras offering more coverage.
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Longline Bras

  • Extend further down your ribcage than other bras.
  • Create a smooth line under your clothes - front and back.
  • Perfect for… figure-hugging tops and dresses, when you want a smooth, sculpted shape. Also great for the underwear as outerwear trend; wear under a sheer top or with a high-waisted skirt.
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Lace Halter And Strap Details

  • A regular bra style, enhanced by extra lace or strap detailing, usually extending from the top of the cups.
  • Designed to show underneath your clothes, to add a stylish twist to your outfit -day or night.
  • Perfect for… livening up a plain top or dress, or for a seductive glimpse of fabric under a shirt.
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Bras - Erotic Styles

Perfect the art of tease with decadent styles and naughty detailing that leaves just the right amount to the imagination...

Quarter Cup Bras

  • Feature cups that only cover the bottom quarter of the breasts, while the underband offers support and lift for a boost.
  • A sexy style that provides a show of nipple, sometimes through an additional lace trim.
  • Perfect for… wearing with nipple tassels, and when you want more support and lift than going bra-free.
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Peephole Bras

  • Available in all sorts of designs - from semi-sheer lace to kinky strap-covered styles, all offering a tantalising glimpse of what's underneath.
  • This racy style hides and reveals for thrilling results.
  • Perfect for… pure seduction - with or without nipple tassels.
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Knickers - Everyday Styles

Day to day, rock your perfect shapes and styles - whether you like to keep it brief or work the string and strut.


  • Offer coverage at the back, with a higher-cut leg than shorts.
  • Perfect for… skater skirts and dresses. These also give you longer-looking pins, thanks to the higher-cut leg.
  • Erotic editions: This traditionally cute and comfortable shape gets a sexy makeover at Ann Summers, with alluring lace, peephole styles, tantalising giftwrap-esque bows, and lace-up backs.
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  • Shaped a little like a band of fabric around the body, shorts provide more coverage at the sides, with a similar amount of coverage as briefs at the back.
  • Perfect for… trousers and skater skirts.
  • Erotic editions: Ann Summers' shorts range features lace-up detailing, satin panels, and all-over lace designs for seductive style.
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  • Feature a small strip of fabric at the back, for a cheek-baring cut.
  • Perfect for… wearing with fitted skirts and dresses when you don't want any visible lines showing.
  • Erotic editions: Lace, sheer mesh and tie-up sides make Ann Summers' thong collection irresistible.
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  • Minimal fabric, maximum impact! Strings are made up of a thin strand of material at the sides and back, with coverage at the front.
  • Perfect for… wearing with sheer or tight-fitting clothes - they are almost undetectable at the sides and back.
  • Erotic editions: Semi-sheer lace and cut-out detailing at the front makes Ann Summers' strings the ideal accessory for seduction.
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Brazilian Knickers

  • Feature a cutaway back for a flash of skin - a cross between a brief and a thong.
  • Perfect for… wearing under tight-fitting clothes as the high-cut back won't show.
  • Erotic editions: Mesh, lace, caged and peephole-back Brazilians are amongst our bestsellers, and we're sure you'll see why…
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Here at Ann Summers, we have lingerie for who you want to be today. Explore and embrace your sexuality with our gorgeous bras, knickers and hosiery, plus sexy babydolls, corsets and bodies. With collections ranging from Sexy Lace sets for daily wear to our unique bust-boosting solutions, you can find styles and colours to flatter every figure, and build a lingerie drawer to be proud of.

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Knickers - Erotic Styles

These are the knickers we all want to get into…

Crotchless Knickers

  • Available as thongs, strings, briefs, shorts or Brazilians, crotchless styles are shaped with an opening at the crotch, leaving two strips of fabric running down either side.
  • Perfect for… easy access, when you just can't wait.
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  • Shaped with an opening at the back to frame the bum.
  • Perfect for… showing off your best asset, or maybe inviting a spanking when you've been bad...
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Suspender Briefs

  • Feature suspender attachment straps so you can wear stockings without a suspender belt.
  • Perfect for… streamlined seduction without the need for a belt - great for tight-fitting outfits where a belt might show.
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Something Special...

Suspender Belts

  • A belt featuring straps at the front and back, which attach to stockings.
  • Perfect for… finishing of a bra and briefs set in true femme fatale style.
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Cami Suspenders

  • A full-body camisole with skirt and built-in bra, featuring suspender straps to attach to stockings.
  • Perfect for… all-in-one glamour - bra, body and suspender belt in one seductive package.
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