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Lingerie Buying Guide for Men

Tamar Kendall

By lingerie expert Tamar Kendall

A recent Ann Summers survey of over 100 real women revealed that lingerie was the number one gift to receive for Valentine's Day, so on such an important occasion say 'no' to buying her another box of chocolates or flowers from the petrol station and opt for a gift that will make her feel special, beautiful and desired this Valentine's Day... and every day for that matter!

A little effort choosing the right lingerie could result in happy endings all round! Just follow these four simple steps to finding her a gift you'll both love.

Eclipse Body

Size her up

The thought of buying lingerie can make even the toughest of men break out in a cold sweat but it needn't be the source of too much stress, just make sure you do your homework in advance!

When you get the chance, take a sneaky look at the labels on lingerie she currently owns. Bra sizing can differ from brand to brand, and breast size can fluctuate too, so try to look for a common size among a few bras that she owns or note the size of a current favourite that she wears a lot.

Taking note of her dress size could also help you find the right fit and prove an essential source of info when looking for advice in store - it's always better to go prepared.

Nataliya Plunge Bra

Steal her style

Whatever you do, fight the urge to buy the first red thing you see and ask yourself what lingerie she's chosen to wear in front of you in the past. This will give you a pretty good indication of her personal style and what makes her feel confident.

You can also take cues from her clothing. For instance, if she wears a lot of black, there's a good chance that she'll love black lingerie. Does she like a bit of sparkle? Ann Summers have some stunning embellished lingerie sets. And if she has a lot of strapless dresses, buy her a strapless bra to match.

You'll soon realise that there are lots of different bra shapes to choose from but you can pick up some handy tips in the Ann Summers lingerie buying guide.

Fiona Peephole Bra

Do your research

Lingerie buying inspiration can come from unexpected places so keep your eyes open for pointers that could help you on your quest. Take note of shop windows - are the current trends flirty and feminine or sexy rock chick?

If she leaves her favourite girlie mag lying around, have a quick flick through and see what's in fashion and if she's turned down the corners of pages - this often means there's a stylish something that's caught her eye.

Queenie Handcuffs

The finishing touches

Women love attention to detail so if you've bought her sexy bra and knickers, add some stockings to finish the look. Or if she's a little body conscious a sexy robe to wrap over her set could be well received.

Finally, delight in the delivery. Wrap her lingerie in layers of tissue paper and present it in a gift box. As she peels away each layer her anticipation will grow and we can guarantee you'll be duly rewarded for your efforts once she sets her eyes on your thoughtful gift.