Holiday Sex Guide

The best time to get out of that routine and throw the spice rack at your sex life. Whether you're going on a quick, naughty weekend away or a long and luxurious getaway, holidays are the perfect time to re-ignite the passion and explore new things whilst you're both relaxed and away from the daily grind.


That heady mix of hot weather, stripping off and unwinding by a pool with your partner is a total turn on. Surprise your lover and make it one unforgettable trip by packing a few surprise sex toys, lubes and foreplay games. Check out our Holiday Vibes for the top sex toys to take with you.
Don't forget to wax, shave, paint your nails and moisturise your body. Whatever makes you feel body confident and ready for action, you want to know you look hot from every angle. Now that's naked ambition.


Holiday sex can be HOT, but don't be afraid to cool things down. Ice cubes on hot skin shock your nerve endings and make your sensitive and really receptive to touch. Try tracing it down their chest and stomach, and then keep it in your mouth while you blow, kiss and lick them. Do it in style and grab a few cubes while you're on top. Run them up and down their back as you ride faster to send body shaking shivers and give them one spine tingling climax.


Hotel bathrooms are designed for explorative sex sessions. Take full advantage of the walk in showers, Jacuzzi baths and multiple mirrors which allow you to watch from every angle. Bathrooms are also perfect for sex toys as the majority of our toys are 100% waterproof. Feel the vibes in the shower or use the force of the water from the shower head to tip each other over the edge. This is obvs not one for those heading for a hostel, but if you have a nice hotel booked - try this amazing position. Strip completely naked, lean over and hold on to the edge of the sink facing the mirror. Maintain eye contact through the mirror and watch as he takes you from behind. Hot.


Now, strictly speaking, sex outside is naughty and you have to be VERY careful where you do it. But everyone's got a sex bucket list right? If you haven't, make one – life's too short! A great way to tick this one off on holiday is a balcony. Have a late night alfresco drink together and whisper what you want to do to each other. You'll be so turned on by the build-up that you can be quick and discreet, plus the danger of getting caught or being seen just adds to the excitement.


Get creative with your new environment. Holidays are the best time to get out of that familiar bed and foreplay routine you can now both do with your eyes closed. Literally. Turn up the heat by suggesting where you want them and what you want them to do. Ask for oral on the kitchen counter, sit on the makeup table and wrap your legs around them or if you have a private pool, go swimming. Joke – go deep, make waves.


Alongside the usual deck of cards, take a couple of our foreplay games for those lazy summer nights in or if the weather takes a turn. 50 Nights of Naughtiness is perfect, as the game is designed to get you both to explore, try new sexual scenarios and and increase intimacy and excitement. If you feel like you always have the same 'go-to' moves with each other, grab this game for new ways to play. For a quick way to foreplay, our 4 Play Dice are perfect for getting spontaneous and leaving it up to the dice to decide what goes down next. Time to roll.


If you're going for a naughty weekend or like a bit of bondage, pack some versatile but discreet restraints to take things up a gear. Go for Rope Cuffs or the Satin and Lace Black Tie for easy packing products that won't leave you in an awkward position at the airport…
Holidays are all about leaving you inhibitions at home, so have a pact to try something new or explore that fantasy you've discussed. After that chat, you'll both be looking forward to go away even more.


Make the most of time you miss out on at home...holidays were made for morning sex. If you want to show them your skills and get out of your usual sex routine, wake them up with mind blowing oral. They'll appreciate the kinky surprise and want to repay the favour. Win win..

Top Tips

1. Explore new locations. Private pool? Secluded balcony? There's so much more to holiday sex than the mile high club...

2. Remove any batteries before packing your sex toys. It will make them last longer, and avoid any embarrassing security searches if it's accidently switched on...

3. Pack a soft tie to use as a playful restraint, plus you can tie it on your suitcase so you can identify it as your kinky case on that airport conveyor belt.

4. Take Pick N Mix lube sachets instead of a bottle of lube. Much easier to pack and you can try a different flavour and sensation every day. Remember the golden rule of sex is – the wetter the better.

Love Team AS.x