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You’re naughty...we like you. Shop novelty gifts and have fun with sexy games, party essentials, and cheeky accessories. We've got the extras you won’t find anywhere else, no one fills stockings quite like Ann Summers.

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109 Results
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  • £5.00

    Leave foreplay up to fate with the new and improved 4 Play Dice! When you're feeling adventurous, simply roll the dice and see what devious instructions they give you. They offer a fun and simple way to explore each other intimately, and they’re perfect for couples who what to be more spontaneous. Great fun, great value.

  • £25.00

    Ever wish you could clone your man when he’s away? Now you can immortalise his manhood with this easy to use kit!


    Clone-A-Willy is a simple and fun kit that makes a rubber replica of any penis, transforming it into a pleasurable vibrator you can use any time - alone or together! We recommend reading the instructions carefully before you begin, but here’s a quick rundown:



    1. Mix the specially timed moulding powder and pour into the tube.

    2. Insert your willy into the tube. You might need help reaching your ‘full potential.’

    3. When the mould has solidified, gently remove your penis.

    4. Fill the mould with the rubber liquid and insert the vibrator.

    5. Wait 24 hours for the rubber to set, then gently remove and enjoy!



    The kit includes:


    - Moulding tube – accommodates all sizes

    - Moulding powder

    - Liquid rubber mix

    - Vibrator (requires 1 x AA battery – not included)

    - Full instructions

  • £6.00

    Stuck in a position rut? These oversized flash cards are a fun and easy way to try something new. Each card features a different sex position diagram, and since there’s 52, you can try a new position every week of the year! The positions range from beginner to expert (ooh-er), and will spice things up in no time. 

  • £5.00 was £8.00

    Remember the ‘Guess Who’ game you played as a kid? Well, this is the ’18 years and up’ version. Now you have to guess the fully naked person by asking yes and no questions to narrow it down, and figure out ‘whose is it?’ A top novelty game to play with your mates. 

  • £3.00

    Perfect for couples, these sex cheques will have you and your partner sprinting for the bedroom. Slip one somewhere for them to find – the pillow, their pocket or around the house – and wait for them to cash it in. You get two of each cheque, so the favour can be returned, and include a lapdance, erotic massage, foreplay and much more...

  • £5.00

    Treat your partner to something a little different with our Candy Nipple Tassels. Simply peel the cover away from the adhesive stickers and apply, and the tassels will stay in place for a tasty twist to your bedroom play.

  • £4.00

    Enjoy a tongue tingling treat with this box of Popping Candy Willies. Perfect as a naughty gift, simply place one in your mouth and wait for the fizzing, popping sensations.

  • £8.00

    Look familiar? Everyone’s got a wicked side. Rude-Olf will help you give someone a very naughty surprise this Christmas, complete with his googly eyes, glittery eyes and classic red nose. Guaranteed to get you right in the festive spirit. 

  • £6.00

    You can leave your Santa hat on... he’s been a naughty boy this year. Your partner will be very happy to find you under the tree this year in our Santa Hat Pouch. Cheeky AND festive. 

  • £6.00

    When you need to relieve some stress, grab our soft and squishy stress willy and squeeze your worries away! Keep one on your desk and it’ll double up as quite the conversation starter. Makes a great Secret Santa gift. 

  • £3.00

    These delicate fruity flavoured willies are everything a willy shouldnt be: small, soft and squidgy. And the best bit? Its OK to bite! They're also perfect for hen parties or as a cheeky birthday gift.

  • £3.00

    These tasty Cola Cocks are tempting, tangy and delicious. You're even allowed to bite them! They're the perfect cheeky gift for someone with a sweet tooth.