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Hen & Stag Party Games & Accessories

For naughty stag or hen party accessories, Ann Summers have got it covered. We have a huge selection of hen party accessories, such as willy straws, balloons and veils, and for stag party accessories you can't go wrong with classic blow up doll. They're essential for a wild nights out, and guaranteed to get you noticed.

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47 Results
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  • The hen do is a rite of passage for every bride-to-be. Never mind the wedding dress – hen party gear is as pink, as fluffy and as willy-shaped as possible, and this Ultimate Hen Party Set has everything taken care of. Maid of honour? We’ve done the hard work for you...

  • £6.40 was £8.00

    Cute and just a little kinky, these handcuffs are soft, fluffy and totally non-threatening, making them perfect for beginners. They have an easy-to-use lock, secure linking chain and come with cute little keys. The pink and rose gold design is always popular, making the handcuffs a staple naughty novelty gift – think hen party goodie bags or Secret Santa. 

  • £12.80 was £16.00

    The nurse will see you now! Naughty Nurse Shagwell is famous for her bedside manner. Bring her along to your stag party to keep everyone in line – just what the doctor ordered. 

  • £6.40 was £8.00

    For your next soirée, introducing Pin The Tail On The Donkey... Ann Summers style. Stick the naked man poster up somewhere nice and visible and grab a willing volunteer. Put on the included eyemask, give them a willy sticker and let them do the rest. Trust us – the volunteers will be lining up. There’s even a prize for the lucky player who hits the bull’s eye!


    A trusty ice breaker and perfect for hen parties, the game includes a giant poster, willy eyemask, 12 dick stickers and a special prize sticker for the winner... 

  • £4.80 was £6.00

    Never Have I Ever... it’s a classic. Everyone joins in, and after a few drinks, the revelations begin. The hard part? Coming up with new statements! This game takes the hard work out of it, with 30 statements neatly contained in a hand tube. Always a laugh at hen parties or any girls’ night!

  • £1.60 was £2.00

    Fancy something a lot more fun to suck on? This willy straw is a hen night staple, now better than ever with some, um, extra realistic details! Great for making your cocktails a little more fun. 

  • £2.00 was £2.50

    Because when you’re on a hen night, you need people to KNOW it. Perfect for your night on the town, set your hens apart with a hot pink sash. They may not go with your outfit, but you’ll definitely spot your girls in a crowd...  

  • £2.40 was £3.00

    Fluffy, pink and willy-shaped, is there more of an incentive to put pen to paper? Bring it to the office and watch people look twice... is that what they think it is? It’s the ideally cheeky gift for goodie bags, stocking filler or Secret Santa. 

  • £6.40 was £8.00

    There’s nothing like a light-up willy to get the party started! This willy hoopla game gets a laugh at any ‘do, and it’s brilliant for hens. Simply switch on the willy to get it flashing, hand out the multicoloured hoops and, er, toss! Not just for hen parties, willy hoopla is a reliable ice breaker and just gets funnier as everyone gets merrier.


    Want to up the stakes? Miss the willy and take a shot, or do a dare decided by your mates...

  • £1.60 was £5.00

    Throwing rice can wait until the wedding... our kind of confetti is much more fun. Get your party popping with this cheeky cannon of cocks – just give it a twist and shower your girls in multicoloured willy-shaped confetti! Just make sure it doesn’t go off early. It’s so disappointing when that happens. 

  • £12.80 was £16.00

    Ivor Biggen is the perfect companion to your hen or stag night. All hens need some cock, and this swarthy stud stands at 1.6 metres tall, with a strapping physique, brooding good looks and a stunning 7-incher. Like all men, he needs a long hard blow to bring him to life, then he's good all night.

  • £8.00 was £10.00

    Ah, a lovely pint – there’s nothing like it. Now you can enjoy your favourite shots with all the charm of a British pint! Perfectly pint-sized and made from real glass, this set of 4 shot glasses go down a storm at parties and are a popular gift for house warming, secret Santa or stocking filler.