Sex Positions

Bored of the traditional missionary position? Try out one of these new positions to spice up your bedroom antics!


"Most couples tend to use one of three sex positions: missionary, doggie and cowgirl. But there are so many more ways to pleasure each other. Whether you want to explore erogenous zones, use toys together or get fit, here are some great new sex positions for you to try."

Emily Dubberly, sexpert, author and editor at

Section 1: Erogenous Exploration

Many women report that they get greater pleasure from grinding than thrusting: unsurprising given the shape of the clitoris, which extends in a wishbone shape inside the body, and some women find the G-spot can take them to new heights of pleasure. Try these good sex positions to explore your erogenous zones.

Round and Round

Sit opposite each other in the lotus position with your legs intertwined. Once inside you, your partner can flex the penis muscles to add G-spot stimulation, but should avoid thrusting until you reach climax - when you can opt for a pounding finish.

Chairs and Graces

With your partner sat on a chair, lower yourself down on top so that you're facing forwards. Not only is this position great for hitting the G-spot, hands are also free to roam over nipples and lower... Try adding a cock ring for an extra buzz.

Shouldering On

Lie on your back and ask your lover to lift up your hips so you can wrap your legs around their neck before they slide inside. The higher the legs, the deeper the penetration - and you could well find new erogenous zones too.

Section 2: Positions for Play

Some people find toys add an extra thrill to sex. If your partner is nervous, listen to their concerns: toys aren't for everyone but incorporating them into penetrative sex can be a fun way to liven things up.

Buck and Buzz

With your partner lying on their back, straddle them to face their feet and slide on - reverse cowgirl style - to stimulate the G-spot. Use a bullet vibe against the clit for a double thrill.

Threeway For Two

Position a Rampant Rabbit vibrator between two pillows and kneel on them to hold it in place. Lean forward and ride the toy doggie style to stimulate your clitoris and G-spot while your partner slides inside to pleasure you anally. Don't forget the lube.

Admire The View

Sit on a table with your legs parted and your lover standing between your thighs. Lift your legs to rest on their shoulders to give them full access to your erogenous zones. Try out toys which offer a new sensation, such as a metal, glass or beaded dildo, before moving on to penetrative sex.

Section 3: Sexcercise

If you want to get physical - or make up for skipping the gym - these sex positions will help you feel virtuous. Both partners can tone up different body parts, and it certainly makes exercising together more fun.

Flying Circus

Lie over the side of the bed, facing the headboard, and invite your lover to slide inside you from behind.

When you're ready, ask your partner to grab your arms and raise you up from the bed, while you tense your stomach and pelvic muscles. This works your core and kegels and strengthens their arms and thighs. Just be careful not to put your backs out.

Belly to Belly

Have your partner enter you while standing face to face. Place your hands around each other's waist and your feet wide apart, with their feet between yours. This position stretches your whole body - it's practically yoga. If you have a big height difference, try standing on a step.

Standing Wheelbarrow

Start off standing as your partner enters you from behind. When you're ready, lean forward to touch the floor and let your partner lift you up by the hips into a wheelbarrow. Wrap your legs around their waist to anchor you in place. For the acrobatically inclined, this position is good for G-spot orgasms and toned arms - result.