While there might be some truth to the idea that men are a bit underrepresented when it comes to sex toys, it doesn't mean that they have no choice whatsoever. On the contrary, there are still plenty of really sexy, really pleasurable toys for men to choose from. Select one of the categories below to learn more.

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Cock Rings

A penis ring is designed to be worn around the base of the penis, or around the penis and testicles together, to restrict the blood flow out of the penis - which helps you to maintain a fuller and thicker erection for longer. What's more, they also help to keep your orgasm at bay, meaning that you can have better sex for longer, and your orgasm will be more powerful when it eventually comes. AND your penis will be more sensitive while you're wearing a cock ring.

So it's reasonable to say that a cock ring is the cheapest and most effective way for a man to increase the pleasure of his sex life or masturbation. That's putting it mildly. To put it another way, the pleasure a simple cock ring can offer will make you change the way you look at your personal pleasure. But which one's the best for what purpose - and why?

Wearing Ring

All of the cock rings at Ann Summers can be worn in any state of arousal; in other words, you can put them on when you're flaccid so they're in place as you become aroused, or you can put them on when you're already aroused (though this sometimes takes a little more effort and patience). Most of our cock rings are stretchy, so you can wear them around the shaft alone or around the shaft and testicles together. It depends on your sensitivity, and how restrictive you like your penis rings to be. This, of course, comes with experience - so get experimenting!

For Beginners

If you're relatively new to cock rings, then we recommend going for something as simple and stretchy as possible. The Ring O cock ring (an internet exclusive) is perfect because it's stretchy, it has no complications and it's extremely cheap. (In fact, we recommend it for everybody, including more experienced men, but it's especially good for beginners because it's so inexpensive.)

More Experienced

If you've been trying cock rings for some time and you're looking for the next big thrill, or a totally new sensation, or simply a more intense kind of pleasure, then your choice is much more difficult because there are more cock rings for you than there are for beginners. For more experienced users, there are all shapes and sizes of vibrating, non-vibrating, stretchy, firm, silicone and metal cock rings to choose from.

We highly recommend choosing a vibrating cock ring, especially if you've never tried one. That's because, if you find the sensations too intense, you can simply switch them off and you still have a perfectly good, working cock ring. In particular, we recommend the IN2U Euphoria cock ring because, with four independent vibrating motors, you can control the intensity or turn it off completely.

It's great for sex and just as good during masturbation, which makes it stand out amongst vibrating cock rings, which tend to be better during sex than during masturbation. Which brings us nicely on to the following section...

For Couples

A cock ring is great for couples for several reasons. Not only will it make your erection larger and firmer than normal, it will also make you more sensitive to sexual contact - while helping to delay your orgasm. This means that sex is longer and more fulfilling for both partners. And then, just when you didn't think a cock ring could possibly do more to enhance your sexual pleasure, you'll discover that a vibrating cock ring can take you both to entirely new dimensions of sexual satisfaction.

Wearing a vibrating penis ring around the base of your erection will transmit the vibrations directly into your body at your most sensitive spots, and it will encourage your partner to move her hips down onto you so she can share the vibrations. In short: a vibrating penis ring will encourage you to go deeper for more satisfying sex. It's a very useful tool in the search for that most elusive thing: a simultaneous orgasm.

Additional Info

Just one thing to remember when it comes to enjoying cock rings: grab some lube. Apply it to yourself and to the ring before wearing it. This will help you avoid discomfort, pinching and hair pulling. These things are the only drawbacks of cock rings; once you've dealt with them it's pleasure all the way!

Realistic Masturbator

A realistic masturbator might not necessarily look realistic (though it will probably have realistic elements, such as labia and a clitoris), but it will feel realistic. That's generally thanks to the use of fleshy, skin-like materials, which are generally blends of PVC and silicone. There are several different brand names for these materials ('Cyberskin,' 'UR,' and 'Loveclone' for example) but, unless you're an avid collector of masturbators, then there's not much to call between all these materials. They all feel as good as each other - they all feel realistic.

Toys such as the Open All Hours masturbator have an internal canal that's specifically designed to massage your penis, in the exact same way a vagina does. Thanks to carefully judged stretching properties, these toys offer the perfect balance between tightness and freedom of movement. After a little application of water-based lube, these fleshy masturbators glide effortlessly and pleasurably over your skin.


Unrealistic masturbators are designed purely to offer the user as much pleasure as possible, without the restraints of having to replicate female anatomical features accurately. In other words: they can look and feel however they want, and because of this freedom some quite crazy and unusual designs have emerged.

Perhaps the most unusual of all these designs is the now world-famous Monkey Spanker. The Monkey Spanker is a little like a ping-pong paddle (but with narrower head), except where normally there would be a flat surface, there's a silicone disc with a hole in it. Just apply some lube to the Monkey Spanker and to yourself, and push your erection through the whole in the central disc.

It will stretch around your penis and you can use it to stroke up and down your shaft. With a powerful bullet vibrator in the handle, it will help you reach mindblowing orgasms.

Anal Toys

When it comes to anal sex toys, men are every bit as well catered for as women, simply because anal sex toys are totally unisex. What you might not know though, is that generally speaking, anal masturbation is a lot more pleasurable for men than it is for women. This is due simply to the presence of the prostate in men, which is central to the male orgasm cycle, but it's not present in female anatomy. (Women have an analogous Skene's gland, which serves a similar function but is not in the same place as the male prostate.) By applying pressure or vibrations to the prostate, you can trigger far bigger, better and more intense orgasms than you've ever experienced before.

Male Anal Toys

Anal sex toys for men can be broken down into four primary categories: prostate massagers, butt plugs, anal beads and dildos. The truth is that all of these toys will stimulate the prostate directly or indirectly, and each can help induce a prostate orgasm.

Prostate Massagers

The prostate is informally known as the male G-spot - and if you've never enjoyed the pleasure a prostate massager can offer then that nickname alone should give you a clue. Many men report being able to achieve incredibly intense orgasms through prostate stimulation alone - and when you combine a prostate massager with the pleasure of masturbation or sex, the intensity of your orgasm will be almost unbearable.

Any G-spot toy for women will work wonders for your prostate. But there's not really any need to raid your girlfriend's sex toy box; there are plenty of toys on sale here at Ann Summers specifically designed to massage your prostate. To make your choice even simpler, we'll break them down into three sections.

We recommend the Rocks Off Naughty Boy for those just starting out with anal sex toys. It's narrow - not much thicker than your middle finger - and incredibly powerful. It's one of the UK's best-selling prostate massagers.
The Adam & Eve anal vibrator is perfect for men who have a little experience with anal toys but aren't yet ready to try a larger toy. It's very comfortable, and incredibly pleasurable.
There's only one prostate massager for experienced men, and it's the Rocks Off Bad Boy. Big, powerful and - if you're up for the challenge - absolutely, orgasmically satisfying.

Butt Plugs

Using a butt plug during masturbation or sex can add a new dimension of pleasure simply and quickly. The reasons behind why they're so pleasurable is a little bit complex and the science makes it sound a bit gross. Essentially, during the male orgasm cycle, the sphincter contracts tightly. A butt plug keeps the muscles open increasing the pressure, thereby increasing the intensity of the orgasm.

If you're just starting out and looking for your first anal toy, look no further than the Baby Blue butt plug. It's slim, textured and incredibly comfortable. It also has a wide, flared base for safety. Users looking for a more intense sensation might want to consider Rocks Off AssBerry. It's a comfortable, textured butt plug that also vibrates powerfully for staggering climax.


A dildo is simple, pleasurable, and generally inexpensive, so they're a must-have item for any man who knows how orgasmically pleasurable anal masturbation can be. It should be smooth, bendy and comfortable. At Ann Summers, we currently offer the perfect toy. It's called the Double Trouble and, while you might be intimidated by the total length, it actually proves very useful to have such a long handle.

Anal Beads

Anal beads - otherwise known as 'thai beads' - generally comprise a series of graduating balls on a bendy chain, and feature a flared base or a ring-pull for safety and to make them easy to remove. As you're probably aware if you've done some research, anal beads are designed to be slowly removed at the point of orgasm to increase the intensity (this is just effective during masturbation as it is during sex).

Our Thai Beads are inexpensive and incredibly pleasurable.