Fun and laughter are the cornerstones of great sex, and there are some quick, easy ways to make your sex life more fun. Here's the Ann Summers guide to sexy fun and games.

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Sex can be such serious business, and can become quite humourless if you're nervous or if you're bored. As soon as you notice that your sex just isn't fun anymore, you need to do something about. One of the simplest things you can do to inject a little fun back into the bedroom is invest in an adult boardgame, like Monogamy. Adult boardgames like Monogamy are specifically designed for the purpose of making sex and foreplay fun again, and while they can occasionally be a little cheesy (depending on which one you choose), they're also a great way to help you relax and get back into the swing of enjoyable intimacy.

Most adult boardgames are formatted similarly to ordinary ‘mainstream' boardgames. Monogamy has elements of Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit, as do many of our board-based games. They're particularly good during holidays and weekends away, whether you're celebrating a romantic occasion or not.

It's true that not everyone's into boardgames. Some of us prefer smaller, simpler and quicker games that don't require so much time to play. Simple little games like the Sexy Dice can provide a quick, frivolous giggle AND help to kick-start foreplay too.

Similarly, products like our 52 Sexual Positions flash cards or Sex Cheques can take any awkwardness out of sex by dictating exactly which positions you should try.

But it's not just boardgames that make sex fun. Here are our Top 5 Ways to Make Sex Fun!

Role Play - Exploring different characters and relationship roles is a great way to make sex feel fresh and new once again. Go the extra mile and dress up to complete your fantasy.
Eating Out - Incorporating food into sex adds a new dimension of sensuality, and it encourages you both to use your mouths to pleasure each other. If in doubt, start out by experimenting with flavoured lubricants.
Adult Games - As outlined in the information above, adult games – whether that includes board games or simpler, quicker games – are a tried and tested way to make your sex life feel fun again.
New Places - Experiment with new places to have sex. All around the house, in the garage, in the garden. If you're feeling particularly experimental, find somewhere safe and discreet in public – local wood for example. Having sex in the rain is a lot of fun. ADVICE: public sex is a legal grey area. If you engage in sex in a secluded location where you can reasonably expect not to be disturbed or seen, you should be fine.
Introduce Toys - The introduction of sex toys into your bedroom is a near guaranteed way to make sex more fun and enjoyable for couples. Shopping for them and choosing them together can be a laugh too, and will help you get in the mood.