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When it comes to matters of love and sex, you should be able to give as good as you get - and the better you give, the better you'll get! To help you choose a sexy gift to make your partner swoon, we've organised our tips and advice by event (Valentine's Day and Anniversaries), or by who's buying for whom.

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Valentine's Day has received some bad press over the last few years, with a noisy minority claiming that it's too commercial, or it's not as sincere as it used to be. But that's absolutely not true. Valentine's Day is what you make of it, and for many couples, it's the only day of the year when they'll go shopping for intimate products together or exchange sexy gifts with each other. So if you're going to do it, you should try to do it right.

Sexy Gifts for Valentine's Day

Choosing a sexy gift for Valentine's Day should be fun: when you're shopping you should be imagining your partner with whatever it is you pick out for them. You should be looking forward to seeing the look on their face when you present it to them. The shopping process should be as much fun as the gift itself, and that applies whether you're a man buying for a woman, or vice versa.

It should also be done early. Don't leave it late; if you want your sexy gift to leave a lasting impression and be really enjoyed on Valentine's Day, then really put the effort into considering your partner's needs and desires. Some lilting flowers bought from the garage on the way home from work are not acceptable. A carefully selected lingerie set with matching hosiery and a little warming massage oil bought from Ann Summers the weekend before Valentine's Day most definitely ARE acceptable.

Which brings us neatly onto this old question:

Should I Buy Sexy Lingerie?

By all means, yes. Do it. If you're a man trying to choose a sexy Valentine's Gift for the lady in your life, then a recent Ann Summers nationwide poll discovered that sexy lingerie was #1 on the ‘What Women Want For Valentine's Day' list.

Just take your time choosing, make sure you get all the matching bits and pieces (for example, don't just get the bra, get the matching knickers and the suspender belt and the hosiery too) and she'll be absolutely made up.

If you're a woman struggling to think of a sexy gift for a boyfriend or husband, then once again, you can't go wrong with a smoking hot lingerie outfit. Not for him of course, but for you. Surprise him by dressing as sexy as you dare and treat him to a Valentine's Day he'll never forget...

Should I Buy a Sex Toy?

The answer to this question - whether or not you should buy sex toys for Valentine's Day - depends largely on how long you've been together, how comfortable you are together and whether you've experimented with sex toys before, or at least broached the subject.

Sex toys can make exhilarating, shocking, surprising and exciting sexy gifts for Valentine's Day. But even if you decide to take the plunge and go with something that vibrates, we generally advise that you pick something small, like a bullet vibrator, which you can use together. It's just a little bit more romantic that way, and that's what Valentine's Day is all about!

So you've got an anniversary coming up? Congratulations! Now all that's left to do is pick the perfect sexy anniversary gift and you'll be free to enjoy an evening of romance, passion and incredible sex. And you've come to the right place.

List of Anniversary Gifts By Year

It's always thoughtful to give a gift relating to that anniversary year. Here are the gifts by year, as well as the flowers that are appropriate (because it's a little known fact that flowers also have different significances at anniversaries). Hopefully these might give you some inspiration!

Anniversary Traditional Gift Traditional Flower
1st Cotton Carnation
2nd Paper Lily of the Valley
3rd Leather Sunflower
4th Fruit & Flowers Hydrangea
5th Wood Daisy
6th Sugar Calla
7th Wool Fresia
8th Salt Lilac
9th Copper Bird of Paradise
10th Tin Daffodil
15th Crystal Rose
20th China Aster
25th Silver Iris
30th Pearl Lily
35th Coral N/A
40th Ruby Gladiolus
50th Gold Yellow Roses & Violets
60th Diamond N/A
65th Sapphire N/A
70th Platinum  

As you can see, you can give your anniversary a sexy twist by choosing a gift from Ann Summers based on the traditional ideas above. We have plenty of sexy cotton lingerie, we have sexy gift ideas printed on paper (like Naughty IOUs) and you can certainly take your pick of leather products - most notably one of our leather spanking paddles. These are just examples; use your imagination and be creative!

Of course, you don't need to stick to these traditional anniversary gift ideas. If you want, you can be wildly unconventional, and you might find that your partner appreciates your spontaneity. If you want your anniversary gifts to be sexy, there are three main routes you can explore: sexy lingerie, an exciting sex toy, or something even more romantic and intimate, like massage oil.

Sexy Lingerie for Anniversaries

Treating the lady in your life to a brand new lingerie set is a really thoughtful way to make her feel sexy and confident. Just remember to choose for her, not for you, and to match the set you choose to her existing underwear colours and styles. Peep through her underwear drawer (but don't get caught!) and check her bra size and dress size. Try to get a sense of her lingerie taste; choose colours and styles like the ones she already owns.

If you're a woman buying for your boyfriend or husband, then don't underestimate the power of lingerie as a gift for him. What we mean by that is this: alongside a main gift for him, you could buy yourself a new lingerie outfit and slip it on as a secondary sexy gift for him.

Buying Sex Toys

An anniversary is the perfect opportunity to indulge your partner in a brand new, luxury sex toy. Don't hold back; this is the time to really spoil your partner, and let them know you care as much about their personal pleasure as you do your own.

Think silicone, think gorgeous packaging, and think beautiful styling. If you're buying for a woman, you might want to consider a silicone vibrator from the exclusive IN2U sex toy collection. If you're buying for a man, then you can't go wrong with a luxurious cock ring.

Massage Oils

Another great way to spoil your partner is to treat them to a long, sensuous massage. This is an inexpensive way to share some romantic intimacy, and can quickly turn into one of the sexiest anniversary gifts ever. Some rich, warming massage oil or lotion will help you pamper your partner and make them feel sexy and loved.

Whatever the occasion - birthday, Valentine's Day or anniversary - buying some sexy gifts for the woman in your life should be a treat for you too. The obvious choice if you want to treat your lady to something sexy is to buy her a hot new lingerie set; it'll make her feel sexy and confident, which means, of course, that you'll get to enjoy her in it. But you'll need to get it right. There are two ways to approach buying lingerie for a girlfriend or wife: get her involved, or make it a surprise.

Get Her Involved

There's one way to make sure you get it absolutely right, and that's to let her choose her own sexy lingerie. If you've never tried this, then it's a lot easier to do than it sounds. Either…

Wait until about a fortnight before the event you're celebrating, and then tell her you were toying with the idea of buying her a new lingerie outfit. Then mention that you'd like her to be involved. Choosing sexy lingerie together is really romantic and a lot of fun too, whether you do it online or you wander round an Ann Summers shop together.


…you can tell her simply that she has free reign to choose whatever she wants, and you'll pay. If you sell the idea well, by telling her that you want her to feel as sexy as possible, then you'll make your lady very happy indeed.

Surprise Her

Buying sexy lingerie for a girlfriend or wife without their knowledge can be a little tricky, but the results when you get it right are worth any risks. To get it right, though, it'll take a little stealth.

The overriding rule is this: DO YOUR HOMEWORK. If you buy her sexy lingerie on a whim, or after a cursory glance at this website, then you could get it badly wrong. But because you're already reading this, you're therefore doing your homework so you're getting it right so far! Here's how to choose correctly.

General Tips

Memorise Her Size - Snoop through her underwear drawer. You'll need her bra size and her dress size.

Colour - Again, use her current underwear for reference. Look at the colours and styles already in there. If there's a lot of black briefs and plunge bras, she might not appreciate a neon pink crotchless thong and peephole bra.

Accessories - most of our sexy lingerie comes from a collection. Check our lingerie collections and make sure you get the full set, including stockings and suspenders if possible.

Hosiery - complete her new outfit with new stockings. Her gift will seem more complete.

Confidence - If she's really body-confident, then get her something revealing that she can tease you in. If she's not so confident, get her something a little looser and flowing, perhaps a robe or a chemise.

When you're choosing sexy gifts for a boyfriend or husband, it can help to divide your thinking into two separate categories: you can buy something sexy for him to enjoy, or buy yourself something sexy that you can wear for him so you can enjoy it together.

Sexy Gifts For Him

So what's a great sexy gift for him to enjoy, and what's great to enjoy together? That's simple. The choice comes down to this: a sex toy for him, or lingerie for you. We'll deal with toys first, since they're a little easier to cover.

Buying Sex Toys for Him

If you're comfortable as a couple and you've been together long enough to be experimenting with sex toys, then offering him a sex toy will show him that you really care about his sexual pleasure, and that you're happy and confident to continue exploring each other's limits.

Ultimately the sex toy you decide on will depend on his tastes. The more you've experimented with male sex toys, the less help you'll need when choosing his next one. But if he's new to them, then you need to think carefully about how to introduce them.

We recommend a cock ring. They're fun, simple, and inexpensive, and they'll increase the pleasure of sex for him (and because he'll be slightly larger while wearing one, it'll increase the pleasure of sex for you too).

Your choice of cock ring will also depend on the event you're celebrating. If it's a birthday or Valentine's Day, then it's a good opportunity to offer your boyfriend or husband a less expensive vibrating cock ring. If it's an anniversary, then you might want to consider a more luxurious - and more expensive - cock ring.

Buying Sexy Lingerie For Him

When we say ‘buying sexy lingerie for him,' we're not necessarily talking about posing pouches and male thongs (although they're great as novelty gifts for men, we wouldn't recommend them as truly ‘sexy' gifts). We're talking about you, wearing sexy lingerie as a treat for him.

While this might not sound like a gift in its own right, it really is, because he'll feel wanted and sexy and will love the fact that you want to treat him. If you really want to spoil him, then treat him to an ordinary gift during the day, and reveal yourself to him in your new lingerie set in the evening.

You might want to consider getting him involved in the decision process. Tell him to pick out a lingerie set - anything he wants at all - and offer to buy it and wear it for him. It'll be a sexy gift that he'll definitely remember... and you get new lingerie too!

We've all been there. The first time you swallow your nervousness, take the plunge and present your partner a sexy gift is an event most of us remember. We remember the look on their face when they unwrapped it. But it helps to have some general guidance if you're new to shopping at Ann Summers, especially if you're buying gifts. Here are Ann Summers' Top 5 Tips for Buying Sexy Gifts for First-Timers!

5. Don't Be Ashamed

Don't be ashamed of shopping for sexy gifts. No one's judging you. If you're in an Ann Summers store, the staff will help you without hesitation or judgement and everyone else in the shop is there for the same reason. If you're shopping online, then there's no way the postman will know what he's delivering to you. So don't feel ashamed or embarrassed!

4. Start Small

How much can you afford to spend? If you're at all uncertain whether or not the person receiving your sexy gifts will like them, then don't spend too much. This is a good opportunity to see if your partner is comfortable with naughty presents, and because it's a test, there's no need to break the bank the first time round. You can start to increase your spend if your partner responds well to your gift.

3. Timing Is Everything

Think about the reason and context for presenting your partner some sexy gifts. Is it Valentine's Day? If so, then that's the ideal time to do it. Perhaps it's an anniversary, in which case some sexy gifts will work brilliantly alongside some more conventional presents. If it's Easter, or Shrove Tuesday or something, it's best to wait until you have a better, more romantic opportunity.

2. Do Your Homework

If you want to surprise your partner with some romantic gifts without them really knowing that you're planning it, then you'll need to drop hints to see what they're open to, and what they're not open to. Subtle conversations late at night, or whenever you're most honest with each other, will help you gauge your partner's confidence. The more confident they seem, the better they will probably react when they unwrap your sexy gift.

1. Ask For Advice

Never, ever be afraid to ask for advice. If you want immediate, honest and knowledgeable advice catered specifically to your needs, then we highly recommend dropping into an Ann Summers store near you and speaking to one of our lovely, approachable advisors.